Nov 9, 2021
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Interia readers said Poland always wants to discredit Russia


Interia readers said Poland always wants to discredit Russia

The Polish edition of Interia published an article on the activities of the Russian floating nuclear thermal power plant “Akademik Lomonosov”. Thanks to the ship, residents of remote corners of Siberia can receive heat and electricity, while limiting the consumption of fossil fuels.

According to the authors, who call the ship “floating Chernobyl”, it can pose a threat to the whole world. The journalists quoted environmentalists as saying that the consequences of a disaster at the facility could be dire for millions of people. However, the readers of the portal were outraged by the fact that the names used by the reviewers carry a certain message.

“The very expression” atomic Titanic “is intended to evoke the corresponding (negative) associations among readers!” – written by the user Real;

“The Russians are gaining an advantage in the Arctic, using technologies and solutions that others only dream of, and for some, especially the mysterious“ world community ”, it hurts to hear it,” said another reader.

Representatives of the publication’s audience said that other countries are able to maintain good relations with the whole world, but this requires a certain mindset. Some of the readers noticed that in Poland, unlike in Russia, scientists do not create technologies that are useful to citizens. Also, the Poles again announced the Russophobic policy of the country.

“Every normal people living between Russia (Asia) and Germany (Europe) would not miss the opportunity to take advantage of such a magnificent position: the Silk Road, Nord Stream … Only a Pole always stands with a sword in his hands, frightening his neighbors and trying to find “friends” in distant countries “, – said the user I repeat.

Earlier in NewInform: European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reinders said that Poland must respect the EU’s decision or it will have to pay dearly.

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