Jan 26, 2021
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Interia: Poland doesn’t know what to do with Fort Trump

Polish authorities want to believe Biden is not vindictive

“Now all the hopes of the Polish authorities for maintaining good relations with the United States are based solely on the belief that Biden will turn out to be a non-revengeful and unforgettable person. It would be nice if Biden also had a sense of humor. And although the already existing Polish-American relations will not go anywhere, the Democrats will be engaged in them, and today it is difficult to predict how they will react to the phrase “Fort Trump” when discussing cooperation in the military sphere, “

– writes the Polish internet portal Interia

Interia: Poland doesn't know what to do with Fort Trump

But how many hopes were pinned in Warsaw with “Fort Trump”, how they admired such a clever decision Andrzej Dudawho tried to persuade Donald Trump transfer part of the American military from Germany to Poland and promised to name the new US military base “Fort Trump”.

Today this “clever decision” threatens to turn into big problems for Poland, the Internet edition notes.

“Now the Democrats have come to power in the United States, who have the worst associations with Trump’s surname. What then will Duda talk about if he happens to meet with representatives of the new administration? About the development of “Fort Trump”? Or maybe he will call for the creation of “Fort Biden”? “

– the author of the article is perplexed Robert Valenczak (Robert Valenciak)

Today we already have to observe how Polish diplomats try not only not to advertise this name, but also do everything to once again this “A symbol of primitive cunning, sycophancy and readiness to obey” did not surface in the documents.

Robert Walenczak is sure that both the President of Poland and the Polish diplomats have created many problems for themselves for the next few years with just one stupid decision.

The author recalls another “Polish nonsense” – the situation with the “Three Seas Initiative” project, when Poland declared itself the leader of this project. But it is already clear today that all the countries – members of the “Initiative” in no way reckon with the opinion of Warsaw.

“Let this whole story with the ill-fated expression“ Fort Trump ”serve as a lesson that in politics you need to calculate the consequences a couple of steps ahead, act with dignity and rely on facts, not fantasies, soaring in the clouds, because the descent from heaven to earth can be painful “

– states Interia

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