Jan 12, 2021
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Interesting riddles about nature and animals

Riddles for children about nature and animals with answers will be very useful at any time of the year. Introduce the kid to interesting animals, be sure to give the opportunity to find the answers yourself.

About cute animals and more

  • This fish is just a predator

It hides and does not breathe.

Here it is, in the smooth surface of the river

Already looking after you.

You, baby, do not be afraid

She needs another fish.

Who is the toothy one? Come on

Guess who is this (Pike)?pike

  • He’s shy, he’s afraid

Both the bear and the fox.

And the wolf chases him.

He knows a lot about this.

He has a fluffy fur coat,

He has slightly sharp teeth.

He sharpens carrots with them

As soon as he wants (Hare).hare

  • So she sat on a branch,

I flew to the other.

But she’s not a bird at all

It just might get used to it.

Bright fiery outfit

Will be gray in the snow.

She has nuts on her plate.

Well, of course, this is … (Squirrel)squirrel

  • This place is very quiet

The bird will scream here.

There’s always a big sky here

Here grain grows for bread.

Here the wheat is heading

Many flowers will accumulate here.

There is freedom here, and there is will.

What is this (Field)?field

  • Gray and formidable

Sits at the edge.

He is for all hares

Conceived a trap.

Howling at the moon

Though there is no sense in it.

But we are from fairy tales

We will find out everything … (Wolf)wolf

  • Small lump

Made of solid needles.

You will look at him –

Like a Christmas tree for you.

On thorns he carries

Leaves carefully.

Yes, he is a little shy,

This guy … (Hedgehog)hedgehog

Riddles about the most incredible

The most important thing in upbringing is to establish communication with the baby. Riddles for children about nature and animals will help you with this.

  • White, airy,

Gray and fat.

Everything is floating in the sky

They never come to us.

It may rain from them.

They may appear

And on a fine day, slightly

Blue … (Clouds)clouds

  • Thunder roared and we were afraid

They were seriously scared.

And then water from heaven

I went down to the whole forest.

Came down to all the mountains

Straight water curtain.

We don’t know when you will come

To us again, gray … (Rain)rain

  • Why is he so restless

It is completely toiling today.

I scattered everything today

Scattered, raged.

The leaves rustled softly

And they fell from the trees.

Even though the sun is shining brightly

It’s chilly in the yard … (Wind)strong wind

  • She has seven colors.

This is not a beast.

She blooms in the sky

It quickly disappears there.

After a heavy rain

She also comes.

Tie the shores together

Fabulous … (Rainbow)rainbow

  • It comes off in the morning

Illuminating the world with light.

Will look through the windows of all houses

Looks through the windows of all apartments.

Everything in the world will change

Even dry up the swamp

The ocean, and the silence of the forest,

All this will warm up … (Sun)the sun

  • So sad, unapproachable

Looks out of the cloud at night.

She shines bright bright

Throw the shadow of bats.

Trying to keep warm

Very, very cold.

During the day it suddenly disappears

Pale-faced … (Moon)full moon

Riddles about wild and domestic animals

Riddles about nature and animals are probably known to your child. It’s time to present all this from a completely different side.

  • He chirped all morning

While I was in the kitchen in a cage.

Here, the owners were calling

Return from the gazebo.

He does not fly in the wild,

At least try to scare.

Amuses with his feather

Multicolored … (Parrot)parrot

  • He lives in a river hole

He is a very formidable resident there.

If anything, then with a claw

He will receive whoever offends.

Fishermen love him

They are his main enemy

As they catch it, they cook it.

You run faster … (Cancer)crab

  • The smallest of all

But how hardworking!

Dragging gossips, grass,

Possesses powerful strength.

He erects a house for himself,

Nothing is lazy to him.

He’s always like this

Because … (Ant)ant

  • Quack and croak,

Everything will not calm down.

It will sit on the shore

It will wash a little.

Maybe she’s big

Or – very weak.

Promises to be a princess

In a fairy tale known to everyone … (Toad)frog

  • She does not walk in the field,

And does not gallop through the forest.

She lives in a barn,

Keeps the foot in the air.

She “ko-ko” screams as soon as

Her ventricle is empty.

He brings us eggs for breakfast

Caring … (Hen)brown hen

  • He is completely defenseless

He does not nibble the grass yet,

He wants to see his mother all the time.

In this he is very stubborn.

He sat in a shell before,

Picked up there, funny.

And now with everyone together

Here grows … (Chicken)chick

Our world is amazing

Surround your kid with the kindest and most interesting entertainment: choose riddles about animals and nature.

  • Who sings so sweetly

Right in the spring.

This trill is everywhere

Not only in the yard.

This is our feathered

This is our tenant.

Sings the song

Joyful … (Starling)starling

  • There is only one like this for the whole yard –

Important and courageous.

Give him a little grain

He will be glad twice.

Only the bird is not easy

I’m a little afraid of her.

A little bit – pinches the leg –

Here is such a nasty … (Gus)white goose

  • He never sleeps in the morning

He needs to wake up

The whole huge poultry yard

Don’t miss anything.

Climb up on the stump,

And shouts: “Kukareku”.

Try not to wake up

If he is wailing … (Rooster)rooster crows

  • The beast is beautiful, very glorious,

Just a sight for sore eyes.

Get a piece of will –

Akin to pleasure.

Jumps around the field,

If necessary – the cart will drag.

This is who the king of the chases is.

He is a big handsome … (Horse)White horse

  • This bird is also formidable

If anything – ready to fight.

Birdies girls are thin

Well, their leader is big.

Doesn’t miss anything

Nothing gets away with it.

Dissolves feathers at once

The inhabitant of our yard is a turkey.turkey

  • What a bird, gray feathers,

Hiding his head in the sand?

This bird is so big

It does not fly and a bit.

But she’s funny

And big like a sail.

On beautiful, long legs

Who is this guys (Ostrich)?ostrich

Did you have a free minute? Spoil the little ones with interesting riddles!

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