Dec 28, 2020
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Interesting facts from the life of Turgenev

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev is deservedly considered a great writer. His works were distinguished by the depth of plots and love for their country. He had a difficult character and a difficult life, about which many interesting facts are known.

More about the facts from the life of the writer:

  1. Was born in the Oryol province.
  2. I learned to read early.
  3. Since childhood, he spoke three languages: German, French and English. Foreign teachers were specially invited to the family.
  4. The most precious memory of the home was the Spassky Garden. Turgenev eagerly listened to the stories of hunters and gardeners about birds, animals, trees. He loved to observe nature and was anxious about all living things.

Turgenev's estate (Spasskoye-Lutovinovo)

  1. The writer’s father is a retired hussar who served in the Kirsar regiment.
  2. Mom Varvara Petrovna had a complex character and a stern disposition. The woman abused not only the servants, but also her own children. In childhood, the future writer often got cuffs from her, despite the fact that he was considered his beloved son. Once the boy even wanted to run away from home after his mother whipped him. But the German teacher noticed the fugitive in time, talked to the parent and settled the misunderstanding. The child has not been touched since then.
  3. Turgenev’s mother is a wealthy landowner, so he never experienced financial difficulties.
  4. It was from the image of the mother that the lady in the famous story “Mumu” was written off.
  5. The writer’s family was considered noble, but not titled.
  6. Ivan Sergeevich’s mother, left a widow, married again ─ to an alcoholic.
  7. He had a thin voice similar to that of a woman. This fact did not correspond to the heroic physique of Ivan Sergeevich. From this, the writer seriously complexed, felt embarrassed in front of others.

Portrait of I. S. Turgenev

  1. He was distinguished by his suspiciousness, good nature and a tendency to melancholy.
  2. If melancholy attacked him, then he coped with this state in a very extraordinary way ─ stood in a corner and put on a high cap. Ivan Sergeevich stood there until the bad mood passed.
  3. Lover of poetry evenings, meetings of writers and other artists.
  4. In his youth he loved to read Benediktov’s poems.
  5. On hitting his head, he instantly lost consciousness, because the parietal bones were too thin.
  6. As a child, he traveled to all the countries of Western Europe.
  7. He had an athletic build.
  8. In his younger years, he was known as a spender, easily parted with money.
  9. I spent the largest sums while living in Germany. Funds sent by parents quickly went down to trinkets, gambling and women. The mother decided to teach her son a lesson and once sent a parcel with bricks instead of money. After this incident, the writer settled down and became more careful in his spending.

Ivan Turgenev in his youth

  1. He loved to hunt. He took part in hunting expeditions in Kaluga, Kursk, Tula and some other provinces. He also tried to hunt abroad (in Germany, France, England).
  2. He wrote three specialized books on the topic of hunting and created a hunting club.
  3. The first education was received in the estate Spasskoye-Lutovinovo.
  4. During his school years, peers mocked him and called him “soft-bodied.”
  5. He entered the Moscow Institute at the age of 14, because he had outstanding abilities. By the age of eighteen he had already received a PhD in Philosophy.
  6. Petersburg University (Philosophical and Historical) graduated in 1837 and continued his studies abroad.
  7. An interesting fact from the life of Turgenev: he served for two years in the “special office” at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. His mother insisted on this.
  8. He wrote his first poem “Steno” in his institute years.
  9. During the academic years, several poems and hundreds of poems were written. A number of works were published in the Sovremennik magazine.
  10. For kids he wrote fairy tales “Dog”, “Doves”, “Sparrow”.

Turgenev on the hunt

  1. It was thanks to the works of Ivan Sergeevich that the expression “Turgenev girl” appeared.
  2. He was the first to foresee the appearance of nihilists and wrote about them in the novel “Fathers and Sons”.
  3. He received generous royalties for his works.
  4. He wrote some of his works in French.
  5. He loved to dress pretentiously. Could wear a bright tie or clothes with gold buttons. This was very unusual by the standards of the time. Alexander Herzen, seeing him for the first time, called Khlestakov.
  6. He loved to eat deliciously and never denied himself this. One of the favorite delicacies is gooseberry jam.
  7. Some contemporaries called him “Cyclops with a female soul.”
  8. Not distinguished by rancor.
  9. Loved cleanliness and order. I carefully cleaned my office, putting all things in their places. Otherwise, the writer was not even able to get to work. I could not sleep if I knew that some thing was not in place. Bed linen was sometimes changed several times a day.

In Turgenev's house

  1. Carefully took care of the appearance. In the morning he took a long time to tidy himself up, comb his hair.
  2. The writer’s first love is Princess Shakhovskaya. This beauty turned the head of many aristocrats of that time. He gave her features to the heroine of the story “First Love”. An interesting fact ─ Shakhovskaya preferred his father to Turgenev.
  3. In his younger years, he was in love with Olga Turgeneva, his close relative.
  4. The writer had a large library.
  5. He played chess well.
  6. He was in love with the beautiful Pauline Viardot, whom he met in the fall of 1843. She shone in the Italian opera in the production of “The Barber of Seville”, played Rosina. Because of his love, he traveled a lot in Europe, for the girl and her husband. Polina did not reciprocate the feelings of the writer, but perceived him exclusively as a writer. The same loved Viardot unselfishly and was ready to lay his life at the feet of his beloved.

Ivan Turgenev and Pauline Viardot

  1. He had a relationship with the serf peasant Avdotya, as a result of which an illegitimate daughter appeared. He wanted to marry the chosen one, but his mother did not allow the wedding to take place. The writer did not recognize his daughter, but showed paternal care and took him on trips abroad. Later, Pauline Viardot took up the education of the girl.
  2. The writer’s last love is the theater actress Maria Savina. At the time of meeting she was only 25 years old, and he was 61 years old.
  3. Turgenev’s novels describe in detail his own experiences and feelings.
  4. The letters of the writer to Pauline Viardot, filled with gentle and gentle words, passion, have survived to this day.
  5. The famous writer had many oddities. For example, he was often attacked by fits of hysterical laughter. Fet wrote in his memoirs that while Turgenev behaved inappropriately ─ he fell on all fours, grabbed his stomach and rolled on the floor.
  6. Notable for absent-mindedness. He could well invite friends over and forget about it. Friends came to an empty house, where there was no owner or servant. Later he could apologize for a long time and ask for forgiveness. Over time, people stopped going to him (with the exception of the closest environment).
  7. Ivan Sergeevich never got his own family.
  8. He fought serfdom using his literary talent.

Turgenev's creativity

  1. An interesting act from the biography of Turgenev─ in 1835 a criminal case was brought up against the writer. The writer defended the serf girl, whom they intended to transfer to the lawful mistress with arms in her hands.
  2. Conflicted with the ruling dynasty. For this he was under house arrest on his estate. There the writer lived for a long time under the supervision of the police. It was at this time that he wrote the story “Mumu”.
  3. He made friends with Belinsky, Nekrasov.
  4. I wrote a short and hot article about the death of Gogol.
  5. Ivan Sergeevich translated the works of Shakespeare and Byron into Russian.
  6. Attended the unveiling of the monument to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.
  7. With another famous writer Leo Tolstoy, he was on bad terms. These two often quarreled, sometimes reaching fights. Once they even wanted to fight in a duel. Tolstoy was outraged by the fact that Turgenev’s illegitimate daughter earned her living by sewing clothes for the poor. However, the duel did not take place, the parties reconciled in time.
  8. Even when far from Russia, he always remembered his homeland.

Writer Ivan Turgenev

  1. He loved to sing when he was in a good mood. But since he had no ear for music, those around him did not really approve of it. Turgenev himself understood that he sings badly and compared his voice with a pig’s squeal.
  2. Since 1882, he began to have health problems. He suffered from angina pectoris, gout and neuralgia.
  3. The last disease is spinal sarcoma. A terrible illness led Ivan Sergeevich to death.
  4. Before his death, he wrote a letter to Lev Tolstoy.
  5. He died in agony in the French city of Bougival in the arms of his beloved Pauline Viardot.
  6. He was buried at the Volkovsky cemetery, located in the northern capital.
  7. Before the funeral in France, a memorial service was held, which was attended by about four hundred people.
  8. After the death of the writer, pathologists weighed his brain. It turned out that he weighed more than two kilograms. This weight exceeds the weight of the average person’s brain by about 600 grams.
  9. Many works were included in the literature course and are studied in schools.

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev is one of the great classics of Russian literature. The writer deservedly went down in history as an extraordinary and interesting personality, as evidenced by numerous facts from his biography.

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