Jan 3, 2021
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Interesting facts about Thailand

thailand flag

Capital Bangkok
Official language Thai language
Square 514,000 km²
Currency bat
Form of government a constitutional monarchy
Population 66 413 797 people
Continent Eurasia

Hello our dear readers. Thailand … This is a popular tourist country, known for its friendly locals (which is why it is also unofficially called the “Land of Smiles”), majestic limestone cliffs, beaches, amazing animals.

But this is not all that we can tell you about this country. Make yourself comfortable. We have collected for you the most interesting facts about this state.

# 1

Thailand is the only country in Northeast Asia that has never been colonized by European states. Over the years, the Thai leadership has always negotiated with two influential European countries in the region: France and England. The British influenced Burma, while the French influenced Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Thailand is trapped between these two states.

Considering that few countries in the world have been lucky enough to avoid colonization by European states, this in itself is already a great achievement.

# 2

Until 1938, Thailand was called Siam. Siam was the most powerful and largest Thai state in Indochina. This state existed from 1238 until 1932. As for the name Thailand, it was adopted by the government at the end of June 1939. Then all Siamese became Thais.

No. 3


The country’s form of government is a constitutional monarchy. The head of the country is the king, whose power is inherited. However, the king does not have strong powers, being more a symbol of the Thai nation than a statesman.

At the same time, the king and the entire royal family are protected by law. So much so that if you show disrespect to the king of Thailand, you can go to jail.

In fact, Section 112 of the Thai Penal Code states that anyone who “defames, insults or threatens the king, queen, heir or regent” can be sentenced to between 3 and 15 years in prison.

# 4

Thais are a very hardworking people. While for many a normal working day is 12 hours, most Thais work 10-12 hours a day.

# 5

Thailand owns more than 1,430 islands. The largest are Chang, Kut, Mak, Phiphi Lei, Samui, Tau and many others.

# 6

The highest point in the country is the peak of Mount Doiinthanon (Doi Inthanon). The height of this mountain is 2 559 m above sea level (according to other sources, 2565 m). In honor of the 60th anniversary of the king and later the queen, in 1987 and 1992, respectively, two temples were built on the slopes of the mountain.

# 7

Bangkok is considered the most visited city in the world. It is visited by 20.05 million tourists annually. Bangkok is followed by such cities as London – 19.83 million people, Paris – 17.44 million people, Dubai – 15.79 million people.

In addition to Bangkok, the TOP of the most visited cities in the world includes other cities in Thailand, in particular Phuket – 9.29 tourists and Pattaya – 8.67 million people.

No. 8

Thailand is the second largest rice exporter in the world, behind only India. Besides exporting, Thais also consume a lot of rice. On average, Thais eat about 11 million tonnes of rice per year, making them the 7th most consuming country in the world.

No. 9

More than 95% of the country are followers of Buddhism. And most of the daily life of Thais is somehow connected with Buddhism. This state annually ranks 1st or 2nd in the list of countries with the largest percentage of Buddhist population.

No. 10

In the past, all Thai youths under the age of 20 from all social strata, including princes, became Buddhist monks for at least a short period of time. Although this was never a national requirement, all Buddhist families did so voluntarily, giving their sons to be raised by monks.

Today in Thailand there are still a lot of monks, but the centuries-old traditions are gradually losing their relevance and fewer and fewer Buddhists observe the practice of monasticism.

No. 11

This country is home to the amazing Cryptotora thamicola fish. It is endemic, that is, it is not found anywhere else except Thailand. This fish belongs to the so-called double-breathing fish, which can breathe both under water (using the gills) and on land (using the lungs). This fish regularly crawls onto land and moves along it with the help of its fins. She can also climb rocks by clinging to walls with her hooks on her fins.

No. 12


Many of us like to point fingers at objects to show them to the interlocutor. This is considered offensive in Thai society. Never point your finger at a Thai, at the king and his family, and of course at images or statues of Buddha. If you need to point out something, it is customary to stretch your palm with the back side up and point it slightly with your fingers bowed.

No. 13

Local residents call white foreigners “farangs”. The origin of this word is not entirely agreed, but it is believed that it comes from the Indo-European word “farangi”, which means “foreigner”.

No. 14

In Thai culture, the head is considered the most important part of the body. It is considered a great disrespect to touch the head of another person, a child, or even a Buddha statue.

No. 15

The largest statue of gold is located here. This is the “Golden Buddha” statue located in the Bangkok temple of Wat Traimit. This statue is about 3 meters high and weighs about 5.5 tons.

During the war with Burma, she was covered with a layer of plaster, so she escaped the plunder of Ayutthaya in 1767. It is believed that all people who knew about her “secret” died during the war. Therefore, until 1957, no one even suspected that it was gold. In 1957, while the statue was being transported to another place, it fell due to which the plaster cracked and one of the monks noticed a golden sheen in the crack.

That’s all, our dear readers. Thank you for your attention to our Internet resource.

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