Jun 30, 2020
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Interesting facts about Pets

Most people loves Pets regardless of their type and breed. There are many interesting facts about the Pets, but the most interesting of them below:

  1. Dogs recognize sounds, being 229 m from the source. For comparison: most people are capable of anything to hear at a distance of not more than 23 m.
  2. For UK residents provides for criminal liability for the obesity in their Pets.

Animals suffering from obesity

  1. After falling from a height of 12 floors survives about 94% of the cats! And all thanks to the incredible coordination of movement, speed of reaction and the particular structure of the body. Recorded was a unique case, when a kitten named Sabrina fell 32 floors of the skyscraper and land on the asphalt, with only a knocked out tooth and got a couple of scratches. Scientists have proven that the higher the building, the higher the possibility of a cat survive falling from it.
  2. The smallest recorded horse growth amounted to 35 cm.
  3. It turns out that cats lick the fur around ¼ of the time! And this happens not because the animal is very careful: the particles of wool is vitamin D necessary to maintain the health of the pet.
  4. Dogs and cats can carry toxocariasis is a special type of helminthiasis which is often the cause of blindness in humans.
  5. The smallest breed of dog in the world – Chihuahua, its length a little over 9 cm.
  6. Recent research scientists proved that dogs at the expense of olfactory receptors recognize people have cancer. It is noteworthy that these animals can distinguish between blood cancer with a probability of 41%, melanoma in 75% of cases, breast cancer in 98% of cases, the lungs of almost 100%. There is even a special training called "clicker training", allows you to develop a pet "detector" skills.


  1. Rabbits can weigh about 11 kg.
  2. Serbernar weight is 140 kg.
  3. Thrifty hamsters can fit behind the cheeks 20 nuts.
  4. Incredibly, parrots have no vocal cords! For the repetition of sounds the bird employs language and beak.
  5. The most tenacious on the planet creatures are rats. And the animals are omnivorous and have a phenomenal reproductive function: carrying offspring in just 3 weeks, after which can have from 10 to 20 pups. Per year one pair in theory can produce about 1 million new individuals. Rats, foodies, and never touch the products, the shelf life has expired.
  6. Incidentally, the rats are brave enough to fight only 1 cat out of 10.
  7. In the cat's meow, scientists have detected about 100 different intonations. And all those shades of kittens is not used for interpersonal communication and contact with its owner.


  1. Dogs make about 10 sounds to Express their emotions.
  2. Hamsters love alcohol.
  3. There is a special breed of cat – the Turkish van that loves water treatments contrary to popular public opinion. However, any cat may, if necessary, swim.
  4. Before petting an unfamiliar dog, it is recommended to him to smell his hand. If the animal reacts positively, you can safely to pet it.
  5. The average dog is very emotional: she only expressions of the muzzle, there are about 100. And with the ears they can mimic.
  6. The average cat from 244 to 290 bones and 517 muscles. The dog bone 247 and 262 of the joint, and in humans, the equivalent figures were 200 and 205-207.
  7. The world's largest parrot in the Amazon, which has a length of 1 m, which corresponds to the height of the child 3 years. The smallest member of the group of birds – 9 cm with a weight of 11.5 g, lives in New Guinea.


  1. The average life expectancy of cats is 14 years. Dogs live 10-13 years.
  2. Loved by many ferrets are in fact dangerous predators! In the wild they eat rodents. However, home individuals absolutely non-corrosive and safe for humans.
  3. Pisces hide their young in the mouth when threatened.
  4. More and more people prefer as a pet... a Hummingbird. Small birds live in cages-cages in which contains nectar and flowers. Hummingbird produce up to 50 swings with wings for 1 sec.
  5. Dog saliva heals wounds due to the special chemical composition.
  6. One of the most amazing pet is the iguana. When lack of attention to the beast attracts the attention of the owner, starting to knock the beard on the branch.
  7. "Canaries" that can be found in Russian stores is not actually Canaries, and finches.


  1. The males of parrots win the second half singing. And the female, barely hearing the "sounds of love", immediately adopts a posture for mating.
  2. Iron is responsible for the recognition of odors, the dog is under the tail.
  3. Dalmatians at birth do not have spots.
  4. Once the Guinea pig was considered a food. Even today they are eaten by the inhabitants of Peru.
  5. As Pets perfect shellfish: there are more than 20 varieties of shrimp that have different colors in the spectrum from scarlet to blue Express, and great feel in the aquarium with sea water. Some of them reach a length of 6 cm And shrimp, along with catfish clean the aquarium from algae.
  6. Dogs have no Appendix.
  7. Guinea pig shows joy, often jumping up and down, or lazily stretching.

Guinea pig

  1. Can be considered as the home dwellers mussels. Bivalves are up to 10 cm in length and have an excellent appearance. The king of the aquarium can be a blue lobster.
  2. Great instinct of the dog is associated with the wet nose, which smells as though "stick" to it. Eventually the animal can distinguish between several odorous substances at the same time. Individual members can "go to scent" a day without stopping for meals and sleep.
  3. The most intelligent animals recognized rodents.
  4. Large parrots can live 75 years.
  5. Cats can't move their jaws sideways.
  6. Scientists have proved that rodents, particularly mice and make sounds similar to human laughter.
  7. Cats have virtually no sweat glands and that is why they avoid open, warm and Sunny places.
  8. The memory of a goldfish lasts only 5 seconds. However, she is endowed with excellent eyesight and acute hearing: detects objects in the infrared and the ultraviolet, avoids the dark. And even trainable.


  1. Scientists have proven that pet owners improves the immune system.
  2. Hamsters are color blind.
  3. The smallest of all known dog in the world – Yorkshirskiy Terrier living in the UK.
  4. There is a breed of cat, which in 100% of cases two different eye colors. It's amazing graceful animal, with short white wool, was exported to Thailand several hundred years ago, and is called Khao Mani.
  5. Guinea pigs can't do as humans to manufacture vitamin C.
  6. Goldfish-the long-liver died at the age of 43 years.
  7. Ferrets sleep more than 20 hours a day. Cat – 18.
  8. Cows can climb up stairs, but to go down to them is not possible. The fact is that their knees do not bend properly.
  9. Due to the special structure of the kidney cats can drink sea water.

The cat near water

  1. There are about 350 breeds of dog, according to the WCF the number of species of felines is only 70.
  2. Cats are guided in the dark using their whiskers.
  3. It is remarkable that parrots, like humans, are left or right handed. To determine this, simply to see what foot the bird takes the treat.
  4. Rabbits love to play catch-up.
  5. Heart parrot beats at a rate of approximately 400 beats per minute.
  6. The heaviest wild boar, known to mankind, weighed over 1 ton
  7. The most heroic dog in the world – St. Bernard, who for 12 years has saved people in the mountains. The total amount saved totaled 40 people. Killed the hero soldier in Napoleon's army. The animal, seeing wounded soldier, tried to warm him with its warmth, but frightened man, fired point blank.

Saint Bernard rescue

  1. Pigs are good swimmers, have a very developed sense of smell and even "work" in such areas as customs and hunting. Piggy will smell the prey at a distance of 40 m, and will be able to find the person under the snow cover. And pigs are the Champions in having an orgasm that lasts them 10 minutes.
  2. Dog pulling sweat from your body through pads located on the feet.
  3. Proven that most people are attacked female dog. This is due to the instinct responsible for the preservation of nature.
  4. In 1974, the hamster was able to produce 36 young.
  5. The maximum speed that can develop the dog is 30 km per hour.
  6. Cows careful: if one of them will be electrocuted, others don't even get close to the scene.

  1. Some species of fish give birth in the presence of their relatives: and the more observers will be in the process of blowing the eggs, the more fry will subsequently appear.
  2. Budgies are real jealous. If convicted partner of infidelity, the female will begin fiercely to peck at him.
  3. Adult cats in no case do not give milk: it is harmful to their body because of lactose intolerance. The consumption of this product may lead to diarrhea and upset digestive system.
  4. Dogs see the world in black and white, there are green, yellow and blue.

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