Apr 20, 2022
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Interesting facts about Grigory Danilevsky

Grigory Danilevsky

Welcome to our website Grigory Petrovich Danilevsky is a Russian and Ukrainian writer and publicist, author of novels from the history of Russia and Ukraine in the 18th and 19th centuries. From 1881, Grigory Petrovich worked as editor-in-chief of the Government Gazette, a St. Petersburg daily newspaper published from 1869 to 1917 and affiliated with the Main Directorate for Press Affairs (a heavily censored newspaper moderated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire).

And today we decided to introduce you to this outstanding personality. In the article we have collected the most interesting facts from the life of Grigory Danilevsky.


Grigory Petrovich came from a noble family. His family tree has been carefully studied by literary critics and historians. In the course of the work, when getting acquainted with serious archival documents, it was found that the founder of the Danilevsky family even had to host the last tsar of all Russia – Peter I.


Being engaged in literary activity, Grigory Danilevsky during his lifetime could not achieve great fame in Russia. Nevertheless, he left behind a great legacy. The writer wrote a dozen books, among which historical novels predominated for the most part. He also created one fantastic work, which the author called “Life in 100 years.” However, critics spoke very negatively about this work.

His last book was written in the genre of the novel and was called Tsarevich Alexei. It was published after the writer passed away. The book was published unfinished, since Grigory Petrovich did not have time to complete it.

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Grigory Danilevsky

One day he went to jail. Moreover, he was arrested not for some kind of offense, but for an accidental mistake. Because of this, he had to spend some time in solitary confinement, which had no amenities. In conclusion, the writer was accused of participating in the Petrashevsky circle (utopian socialists and democrats who sought to reorganize autocratic and feudal Russia belonged to it). Later it turned out that the writer was confused with another person, with his namesake. They confused him with the Russian sociologist, publicist and naturalist Nikolai Danilevsky. After it was found out about the mistake made, Grigory Petrovich was immediately released.


The idol of Grigory Petrovich was Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. And he was lucky in life, as he was able to meet him in 1851. It is likely that the book “Ukrainian Tales” was created under the impression of meeting his idol.

At the end of his life, he wrote the essay “Acquaintance with Gogol”.


He gained fame among fans of literature, first of all, thanks to his prose. It was from poetry that he began his journey in this field. However, he soon gave up poetry, as he considered his ability for poetry to be rather weak.


He also translated masterpieces of foreign writers into Russian. Danilevsky was fluent in English. During his life he translated several works of William Shakespeare into Russian.


Over the years of his life, he managed to achieve a serious position in society. He rose to the rank of Privy Councillor. However, despite such a high status, the writer still did not lose interest in literature.


If we talk about personal life, then the writer in this regard, everything was pretty stable. He did not jump from one marriage to another, but was married only once. His lover was Yulia Egorovna Zamyatina, the daughter of Staff Captain Zamyatin, whose property was next to Danilevsky’s. In this marriage, the Danilevsky family had a daughter, Alexandra. In 1904, Alexandra went to Spain for the treatment of pneumonia and met officer Rodriguez there. They later got married.


The Russian writer Opochinin Evgeny Nikolaevich wrote that despite his short stature, Danilevsky always puffed up when running somewhere, as if he was above everyone else. At the same time, he also closed his eyes.


Grigory Danilevsky

In Danilovka, which was the native village of the writer, after his death, a monument to the writer was erected. This settlement is located on the territory of modern Ukraine and was previously owned by the Danilevsky family (it was their family estate). From the nobles Danilevsky this village got its name.


He even published several of his works in the Sovremennik magazine, which was founded by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Danilevsky wrote several works under the pseudonym Skavronsky and sent them to Sovremennik. After the editors approved and published his works, he revealed his authorship.


Many literary critics agree that his work was a success only among the “undemanding” circle of readers, while the nobility considered him unworthy of their attention. However, today his work is appreciated by all segments of the population, and he is considered a respected Russian writer.


According to most critics, the novel “Burned Moscow” is the most disastrous work of Grigory Petrovich in his entire literary career. Many critics agree that with this work he tried to challenge Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”, but at the same time he could not compete with him at all.


Fyodor Dostoevsky spoke highly of his work. He even published a review of his novel The Runaways in Novorossiya, which tells about runaway peasants on the eve of the 1961 reform.


At one time, he traveled a lot around the Russian Empire, fulfilling the instructions of the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich (he was the fifth child and second son of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I). Konstantin Nikolayevich sent several writers for his own money to the distant borders of the country to get acquainted with its culture. This concludes our article, dear readers. Thank you for paying attention to our Internet resource.

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