Oct 15, 2021
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Interesting facts about friendship


Hello our dear readers. Can you imagine a world in which friendship does not exist? Probably not. Without friendship, our life would be terribly boring and depressing. Everyone needs friends. And science agrees with this.

And in today’s article, we have collected the most interesting facts about friendship.

# 1

Studies have shown that friendships promote health, longevity and relieve stress. When faced with a serious illness, people with a developed social network are more likely to recover. The loving support of friends helps them in the healing process. Communication with a loved one also helps to reduce stress on the body.

# 2

Throughout his life, a person makes about 396 friends, but only 1 in 12 (33 in total) stand the test of time and stay with him. Of these 33 people, only 6 people are considered close friends, and the remaining 27 are social, that is, workmates, etc.

No. 3

Scientists are still not sure why we make friends. However, one theory is that we are unconsciously building a support system in preparation for future conflicts.

No. 4

True friendship must meet several requirements. First, it must be voluntary. Secondly, in a relationship, you must be equal. Third, you must love each other. Fourth, you must be willing to compromise.

No. 5


Do you think there is friendship between a man and a woman? Scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire are sure not. According to the researchers, almost all men have sympathy for their female friends. In addition, they tend to mistakenly believe that their girlfriends have the same sympathy for them. On the contrary, women most often regard male friends as friends and have no feelings for them.

# 6

According to a study from the University of Chicago, nine-month-old babies can understand social relationships even before they can walk or talk. They observe parents and strangers and can figure out if they are friends or not.

# 7

Children between the ages of three and six consider anyone who interacts with them to be their friend. The idea of ​​true friendships and their character begins only when the children turn 9 years old. During this period, children begin to form really meaningful friendships.

No. 8

If you have a friend at work, your productivity can be increased sevenfold.

No. 9

Our friends greatly influence our behavior. For example, if your best friend is obese, you are more likely to eat more without even knowing it. If your friend goes to the gym, then there is a great chance that you will start going to the gym, or at least start thinking about going to one.

No. 10

Seniors live 22% longer when they have friends.

No. 11

Friendship is inherent not only in humans, but also in animals. And not only for domestic animals (such as dogs or cats), but also for wildlife. Research has shown that at least dolphins, elephants, baboons, bats and chimpanzees can make friends among their species. It is also worth noting that in the animal kingdom there are frequent friendly relations between representatives of different species and even between predators and herbivores (recall the same friendly relations between the tiger Cupid and the goat Timur).

No. 12

It may seem like the friends you make in elementary school will stay with you for life. However, how many of them are left with you now? In fact, you stop communicating with almost everyone you know from elementary school. Scientists from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) explain this by the fact that in early adolescence, there are almost always dissimilarities between individuals (different social or financial status, appearance, etc.). Children tend to pay attention to this. Adults tend to make friends according to their interests and they don’t really care what their interlocutor looks like or what financial or social status he has. Therefore, friendship among adults is stronger than that of adolescents.

No. 13

According to statistics, the number of friends drops sharply after 25 years. It is at this time that people most often start a family and begin to devote less time to their acquaintances.

No. 14

There is International Friendship Day, which is celebrated on July 30th. This holiday was adopted by the UN General Assembly on April 27 in 2011.

No. 15


Men and women view friendship differently. For men, her important factor is joint activities or the realization of common interests. For example, going fishing, helping to build a bathhouse, going to football. For women, joint closeness and emotionality are more important. Such differences appear even in childhood and only intensify with age.

No. 16

Psychologists argue that it is the friendship in marriage that makes it lasting. Couples who are friends are usually more likely to reconcile when they quarrel with each other.

No. 17

As recent studies show, many people are confused about who their true friends are. In fact, only half of the people you consider your friends actually belong to them.

No. 18

According to research, the longest and strongest friendships occur between people between the ages of 16 and 30.

No. 19

Studies have shown that people have different assessments of the danger of a situation being in it with friends or alone. For example, a situation that a person assesses as potentially dangerous may cease to be such if he is in it with his friends.

This concludes our article, dear readers. Thank you for paying attention to our Internet resource. See you soon.

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