Oct 15, 2021
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Interesting facts about Ecuador

ecuador flag

Official languageSpanish
Square283,561 km²
CurrencyU.S. dollar
Form of governmentpresidential republic
Population17 816 293 people
ContinentSouth America

Hello, dear readers of the website. Despite its rather small size (283,561 km²), especially when compared with such giants as Brazil and Argentina, Ecuador boasts an amazing number of wonders. These are the most beautiful buildings of the colonial period, and the rainforests of the Amazon, the breathtaking peaks of the Andes and, of course, the famous Galapagos Islands.

And today we have collected for you the most interesting facts about this country.

# 1

The first two UNESCO World Heritage Sites appeared in this country. In 1972, the organization adopted the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (entered into force in 1975). In 1978, the first site, the Galapagos Islands, was included in the World Heritage List. These islands are the only place in the world where 98% of all local flora and fauna are endemic. That is, 98% of plants and animals found on the territory of the islands are found only here.

The second object was the capital of the state of Quito (in the same 1978).

# 2

The highest point of the country is the peak of Mount Chimborazo. It is an extinct volcano with a height of 6,263 meters above sea level. And the amazing fact about this mountain is that its peak is the closest place to the Sun. Yes, Everest, aka Chomolungma, is the highest peak of the Earth, if you count from sea level. But, if we count from the center of our planet, then the Chimborazo peak is the most distant, that is, it is closer to the Sun than Everest.

No. 3

Initially, various indigenous peoples (Kara, Kitu, Tumba, etc.) lived on the territory of the country. Later, around the 1460s, the Incas came there, who managed to capture the local tribes.

After the Incas, in 1526, the Spaniards landed in Ecuador. Already in 1531 they turned it into their colony. In 1809, Ecuador declared its independence. It acquired complete independence in 1822, when Simon Bolivar defeated the Spanish troops.

No. 4


Ecuador has the closest relationship with the United States of America. Today the United States is its main trading partner. Even the official currency in the country is the US dollar (formerly the Ecuadorian sucre).

No. 5

Quito is the highest capital in the world. Quito’s height above sea level is 2850 meters. There is a city higher than Quito. It is a city in Bolivia, La Paz (altitude 3650 meters). However, it is not a capital, so Quito remains the leader among the capitals.

# 6

If you love bananas, then this state would be a real paradise for you. Ecuador is one of the largest banana exporters in the world. And every year the export of bananas from this country only increases. Banana exports are an important industry in the country, ranking second after oil exports.

# 7

Many have seen, or at least heard of, Panama hats. So, despite the name, in fact, Panama hats do not come from Panama, but from Ecuador. To be more precise, from the city of Cuenca. Moreover, these hats are the national headdress in Ecuador.

No. 8

Ecuador has only one official language – Spanish. He inherited the country from the Spanish colonialists. More than 90% of the population speaks this language. In addition to Spanish, indigenous languages ​​such as Quechua, Awapit, Chapalaa, and others are used in Ecuador.

No. 9

This country is known as the world capital of orchids. More than 6,000 species of this family can be found here.

No. 10

In 2008, the government of the country rewrote its Constitution and added the “Rights of Nature” to it. Instead of considering nature as the property of people, in accordance with the new Constitution, it was recognized as a living organism that has the same rights as humans (to exist, preserve, protect, support, etc.). Under the Ecuadorian Constitution, people can petition and mediate on behalf of nature.

No. 11

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most protected areas in the country. When visiting these islands, it is forbidden to bring in new plants, seeds, insects, etc. Also, it is forbidden to touch animals with your hands, to approach them at a sufficiently close distance (more than 2 meters), to scare them. In addition, it is forbidden to smoke on the territory of the Galapagos Islands, take food with you, damage local plants, stones, etc.

No. 12

This country is named after an imaginary line dividing the northern and southern hemispheres of our planet. The name of the country was given by the Spaniards. In Spanish, the equator is spelled “ecuador”.

No. 13


Almost all countries in South America border Brazil. There are only two exceptions. The first is Chile. It shares borders with Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. The second is Ecuador. It borders only two countries – Peru and Colombia.

No. 14

The country’s national dish is Encebollado. It is a fish stew served with cassava and pickled onions. Despite the fact that this dish is known to every inhabitant of the country (and tourists who often visit Ecuador), it is most popular in the coastal regions.

In addition to Encebollado, such dishes as Caldo De Gallina (chicken broth), Locro de papa (Locro potato soup), Churrasco Ecuatoriano (Ecuadorian Churrasco), Cuy Asado (fried guinea pig) are also popular here.

Yes Yes. If our guinea pigs are a popular pet, then in Ecuador they are a common delicacy for many.

No. 15

From 1819 to 1831, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador were part of a single state – Greater Colombia. Therefore, it is not surprising that the flags of these countries are very similar. The flags of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador use the same colors and in the same order.

No. 16

According to the law, participation in elections and referenda in Ecuador is compulsory for all citizens. In case of failure to appear at the elective site, a fine is provided. This concludes our article, dear readers. Thank you for your attention to our publication.

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