Jan 2, 2022
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Interesting facts about Coca-Cola


Hello dear readers of the website. Since its first bottling in 1886, Coca-Cola has become the most loved and one of the best-selling drinks in the United States. But many fans of this drink do not even imagine what kind of history this soda went through. From the early history of the secret formula of Coca-Cola, to the flight into space, when cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev opened the first-ever can of Coca-Cola in orbit.

And today we decided to take a closer look at this interesting drink. In this article, we have collected the most interesting facts about Coca-Cola.

# 1

This drink was first developed in Atlanta by the American inventor John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist and former Civil War cavalry commander. The drink was developed as an alcoholic tonic and produced under a different brand.

Pemberton was inspired by the French wine drink Vin Mariani, which was supplemented with coca leaf extract, which at the time was not a banned remedy and was sold without a prescription. Pemberton created a similar drink that combines wine and coca leaf extract and called it Pemberton’s French Wine Coca (original name Pemberton’s French Wine Coca).

# 2

In 1886, Atlanta and surrounding Fulton County voted slightly to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages. Pemberton, who lost the opportunity to sell his Pemberton’s French Wine Coca, decided to turn his wine into a carbonated soft drink. The result is a new soda, made of coca leaf extract, sugar syrup, flavoring oils, and cola nut extract, which have been added to the drink to generate caffeine. At the same time, the name was changed to Coca-Cola.

No. 3

After the ban on the sale of alcohol was introduced, Pemberton began selling the new drink as a brain tonic. He also patented other products such as Globe of Flower cough syrup, Triplex liver tablets. Pemberton advertised his drink as a “brain tonic” to relieve depression, anxiety, and more.

# 4

Interesting facts about Coca-Cola

Accountant Frank M. Robinson worked for Pemberton’s company. It is he who is the author of the name Coca-Cola and its logo. The Coca-Cola logo, written in the so-called Spencer script, which is still used today, is one of the most recognizable in the world.

# 5

Initially, this soda was sold only in glasses, thanks to the vending machines. However, the growing demand forced the company to look for more convenient ways to distribute its products to the public. Before his death, in 1888, John Stith Pemberton sold part of his company to Asa Griggs Candler. The businessman expanded the business and allowed three entrepreneurs to introduce Coca-Cola to the general public through large-scale bottling in 1899.

# 6

At the turn of the 20th century, Coca-Cola faced a problem of appearance. The thing is that by this time more than 1000 factories were engaged in bottling the drink. The bottles did not have a standard, so the drink was produced in bottles of various shapes. Plus, competitors tried to imitate Coca-Cola. To make their brand stand out, in 1916, a standard was adopted according to which bottlers had to fill soda bottles with a single design. As for the design, as close as possible to today’s, it appeared only in 1977.

# 7

As we noted earlier, the original composition of the drink included coca leaf extract. In 1903, its concentration was significantly reduced, and in 1928, the addition of this ingredient was completely abandoned.

No. 8

Coca-Cola is known to have a secret recipe for its drink and reportedly even left India when the government demanded that the company reveal the secret formula. Also, there are rumors that only two heads of the company know the formula, and then, everyone knows only part of it.

No. 9

One of the reasons why no one can find out the recipe for this drink is that the company keeps it locked up. In 2011, to commemorate the brand’s 125th anniversary, the secret formula was moved to a repository located on the grounds of the World of Coca-Cola Museum.

No. 10

In April 1985, the company announced that it wanted to change the original recipe, giving a new name to the drink “New Coke”. The company said the new formula will make the soda “smoother” and “sweeter”. After New Coke was released, critics simply claimed that the company had diluted regular Coca-Cola with water. Faced with public outcry, the company reverted to the old formula after just 3 months.

No. 11

Although Coca-Cola can be bought almost everywhere, there are two countries where the drink cannot be found. These are Cuba and North Korea. Coca-Cola left Cuba after the revolution when Fidel Castro came to power. As for North Korea, it was not sold there at all (although there is information that it is supplied there illegally).

No. 12

Interesting facts about Coca-Cola

Many might think that the United States of America is the biggest consumer of this soda. But this is not the case. According to statistics, there is almost twice as much Coca-Cola for every Mexican as for every American.

No. 13

In 1928, the company became the first Olympic sponsor of the Summer Games in Amsterdam. It was also the first year that the Olympic flame was lit and the parade of nations was presented for the first time at the Olympic Games.

No. 14

Do you like Fanta drink? Did you know that Fanta was invented by the same company that produces Coca-Cola? The fact is that when the United States entered the war with Nazi Germany, the company’s branch located in the Third Reich was on the verge of bankruptcy. Max Keith, head of the Coca-Cola subsidiary in Germany, feared that the Nazis would take the company bankrupt and therefore decided to create a new, alternative drink, exclusively for the German market.

That’s all for us, dear readers. Thank you for your attention to our Internet resource.

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