Oct 20, 2021
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Intensive exercise has proven to be the best prevention of fractures in older women

Specialists from the Menzies Health Institute presented their new study at the conference of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), reports Medscape.

Scientists selected 86 women aged 64-68 with low bone mass and a high risk of developing osteoporosis. They were divided into two groups, and for 8 months half of the participants regularly engaged in the gym according to a special program that included high-intensity exercises with weights and increased shock load – deadlift, squatting, jumping, lifting dumbbells overhead, etc. Another group practiced Pilates program for postmenopausal women, aimed at strengthening bones. The researchers also identified a subgroup of women who took drugs to prevent osteoporosis during the study.

After 8 months, the researchers assessed the functional performance of all participants, and it turned out that intense training showed the greatest effect. The women who worked out in the gym had a greater improvement in muscle and bone mass than the Pilates group. In particular, they had a higher bone mineral density of the femoral neck and lumbar spine.

But the best results were found in the group of participants who engaged in high-intensity exercise and took medications to strengthen bone mass.

The study authors advised that physicians should recommend such exercises to their patients at high risk of fractures in addition to the main treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. But only on condition that classes should be held only according to a special program and under the guidance of specialists.

“We have proven that such exercises can be safe if they are controlled, as this group of patients has many risks, including being overweight. This is not just a program that can simply be offered to a patient and sent to the gym, ”the scientists warned.

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