Apr 7, 2021
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Intelligence delivered to the Kremlin a secret plan for an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Donbass?

Intelligence delivered to the Kremlin a secret plan for an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Donbass?

Photo: Mikhail Sokolov / TASS.

From Ukraine comes extremely contradictory information about a possible surprise attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the DPR / LPR. For several weeks now, the “Nezalezhnaya” media, as well as publics on social networks, have been commenting on the most “optimal scenario of a lightning war.” Kiev believes that Donbass needs to be cleaned out in a matter of hours, which will not only create a new reality, but will present the Kremlin with a fait accompli.

But there is one little problem. According to the Telegram channel “Resident”, entering the office of the president Zelensky (OP): “The intelligence agencies of the two countries are working great, and any scenario of the president’s office is known in the United States and Russia before its implementation.” It seems that this is precisely what caused another serious concern of the Kremlin about the situation in eastern Ukraine, as well as the hype in the American press about the new “aggression” of Moscow.

As it became known due to the leakage of information by some of the participants in a secret six-hour meeting, which Zelensky held until late on April 1, the plan of an attack on Donbass, by an evil twist of fate, was discussed just on Fool’s Day. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov was forced to admit in the program “Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster” that “there were eight generals, all our military who are related to this, all our intelligence services.”

In response, Moscow showed muscle at the border with Ukraine. Press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on reports of the movement of military trucks with sealed numbers in the Rostov region. According to him, “the Russian army moves on Russian territory in the directions in which it considers it necessary, in the form in which it considers it necessary, to ensure reliable security of our country.”

Moscow has something to fear: the situation in Donbass is getting worse every day. Thus, the media of “Nezalezhnaya” report that as a result of the latest escalation, 22 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already been killed and 57 wounded. Only on April 5, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in skirmishes: one near the village of Zolotoe-4, the other near the town of Avdeevka. They were taken out by sniper bullets during the shootings. In other words, the “victorious war” has not yet begun, and heavy losses are already being recorded.

It is scary to imagine what will happen if Kiev nevertheless decides to attack the Donbass. Zakhar Prilepin in social networks he warned: “If a war happens, it will not be short, victorious, or small casualties. It will be very difficult, very scary, frenzied. With colossal losses. “

Despite this, some of the current Bandera authorities have their fists itching. Bandera explain the death of their servicemen by the fact that in the DPR / LPR “there are up to 60 thousand soldiers, and huge forces of the Russian army are concentrated on the Russian-Ukrainian border.” It looks like you can’t figure it out without half a liter of vodka. On the one hand, the Armed Forces of Ukraine promises to clean up the Donbass in a matter of hours, they say, the Russians will not have time to come to the rescue, on the other hand, it turns out that at least several Putin divisions have dug in here, and behind them the motors of a horde of Buryat tankers are warming up.

Well, okay, nobody canceled the fakes. However, the question is different: will Zelensky decide on a dangerous adventure? A couple of weeks ago, echelons of military equipment and manpower began to go to the east of “Square”. By the beginning of April, the Armed Forces of Ukraine really concentrated their best troops on the line of contact with the DPR / LPR, and they aggravated the situation to the pre-war level.

As the Russian classic exactly noted A.P. Chekhov: “If in the first episode there is a gun hanging on the wall, then in the third it will shoot.” This law of political drama is supported by the fact of a recent telephone conversation Biden and Zelensky. According to the Telegram channel “Resident”, the US President spoke more about the need for further reforms and the strengthening of democratic institutions in Ukraine. By the latter, the White House understands the “independence” from the OP of such organizations as the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. Which means the transition of NABU, SAP and VAKS under the control of Washington.

However, Zelensky focused on the escalation of the conflict in Donbass, after which Biden promised him maximum support. Like: if you fight the Russians, we Americans will close our eyes to your mess in Ukraine. And then the media of the “Nezalezhnaya” shed light on the plan of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attack on the DPR / LPR.

“Our troops will have to fight on the ground. However, the transfer of intelligence information in real time, the supply of weapons, and the organization of a no-fly zone in the air over the area of ​​hostilities – all this Ukraine will be able to ask for, and, with a high probability, will receive. The key factor for us is air. Russian aircraft have no chance of colliding with NATO aircraft, ”the Ukrainian press writes. The same position is widely fasted in Bandera’s social networks.

Actually, this is logical: without the keys to the sky over Donbass, there is no point in getting involved in a military adventure. It’s no secret that Zelensky is literally fiercely jealous Aliyev, which “closed” the Nagorno-Karabakh problem by force, primarily with the help of air superiority.

In any case, Kiev is trying to convince the Ukrainian society that there will be no new “boilers” and Russian aviation will not come to the aid of Donetsk and Lugansk. That is, there is no need to be afraid of the scorching gusts of the “north wind”, since Washington, London and even Paris promised that “in the event of a conflict, interaction with NATO and military assistance will be increased and will reach a new level.” Alas, these may not be empty phrases thrown in for the sake of a catchphrase.

As you know, in addition to aviation, propaganda is another deadly weapon in any modern war. The Americans, together with the British, have already created a Center for Combating “Russian Disinformation” in Ukraine, which, according to decree No. 137/2021, signed on April 2, the day after a secret meeting, headed Polina Lysenko (in virginity Chizh). By the way, she has gratitude from the director of the US FBI for the successful operation of this American special service in Ukraine. She is supervised by the deputy director of NABU, a Georgian citizen Gizo corner, who actively works with the US Embassy and is a resident of the Western intelligence services.

For the sixth day now, Zelensky has been receiving operational reports twice a day from areas near the line of contact with the DPR / LPR battalions, as well as on the movement of Russian troops near Ukraine. There is an opinion that Volodymyr Oleksandrovich was reformatted into a “nationalist-patriot-statist” on the advice of Western image-makers. Like: upgrading his image will benefit the reset rating, because war is the best reason to rally a nation around a strong leader.

At the same time, a number of local experts still do not believe that the Ze-team will give the order to start the assault on the DPR and LPR. So, literally in the last day, subtle signals appeared that the conflict in the east would be frozen. Zelensky suddenly announced that it is much more important for him today to launch the so-called “Crimean Platform” with the maximum number of participants, although he had earlier shouted that it was necessary to start with “de-occupation of Donbass.”

On Monday, insiders from the OP also spread rumors that NATO would still not support the Armed Forces of Ukraine with its aircraft. And all the previous loud statements, including from Washington and London, were made with the aim of maximizing pressure on Moscow. In addition, the State Department unexpectedly announced its readiness for a dialogue with Moscow on Ukraine. Perhaps the US Foreign Ministry thereby wants to get away from the promises of military support that Biden made to Zelensky. Most likely, the Stars and Stripes generals came to the conclusion that the army of the “independent” is not yet ready for a victorious war. However, any self-styled nonsense can be expected from the Banderaites.

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