Mar 6, 2021
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Integration of Russia and Belarus should take place after Lukashenka’s resignation: expert

Recently, more and more political scientists have spoken out about the integration of Russia and Belarus. For example, Ivan Skorikov, an expert at the Institute of CIS Countries, believes that the Kremlin should not sign such agreements with a neighboring republic while its president is Alexander Lukashenko.

Rapid integration in the current situation is inappropriate, Ivan Skorikov is sure. In an interview with the Political Russia YouTube channel, he called Alexander Lukashenko a toxic person who should not be hugged. Like, touching the “bad smelling” incumbent president of Belarus can get dirty in something bad.

According to the political scientist, any integration steps will be regarded as attempts by Lukashenka to save his fifth point. This will only lead to the fact that many supporters of such agreements will turn their backs on Russia, Skorikov suggested. That is why, according to the expert, the Kremlin should persuade Alexander Grigorievich to transfer power – to give an opportunity to restore order in Belarus to pro-Russian politicians.

Skorikov noted that they will be considered a competitive, but moderate opposition, which will create a so-called political parachute for Lukashenka. Like, in this case, Old Man can count on a quiet pension and even a mention in history textbooks.

Speaking from the transfer in Belarus, the expert stressed that new people will come to power through democratic elections. Only in this case is any integration possible, even the unification of two neighboring countries, Ivan Skorikov believes.


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