Apr 19, 2021
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Instructions for making puff pastry pork

Instructions for making puff pastry pork

The truth is they say that the need for inventions is cunning! We, of course, are not “hungry”, but at one time we were strained with food, which means that our genetic code contains the ability to get by with what we have and optimize what they can throw away now. We invite you to get acquainted with one very interesting recipe.

What can be made from pork is probably not necessary to explain once again, but what can be made from pork skin? Then you involuntarily become thoughtful. Indeed, why bother if you can just throw it away or feed it to pets, who will eat it? But if you show a little imagination, then you can get an excellent snack from this junk product. Let’s consider the options.

Pork skin delicacy “Zabaikalsky”, this is the name of what we are going to cook. Since we take into account its almost oriental origin, then the appropriate spices will be needed. So, the trip to the market was successful, the pork skin with not thick layers of meat and lard was bought, let’s start cooking.


  • 500 g pork skin
  • 150 ml soy sauce
  • 1 PC. star anise, whole asterisk
  • 0.5 tsp black peppercorns
  • 3 allspice peas
  • 5 Sichuan peppercorns
  • salt and sugar to taste


The skin must be thoroughly washed and cleaned, pay special attention to this. You can cook in a slow cooker or in a regular saucepan, everything will work, but regular cooking will take longer. But you can drain the first water, remove the foam and add spices during cooking. In a slow cooker, the skin comes in 35 minutes, in a regular saucepan – more than an hour.

The water should cover the product almost completely, in a regular saucepan a little more with a discount for boil-off. Add spices and soy sauce to the water right away to make it slightly salty, but here you have to rely on your own taste. We use star anise, it gives such an oriental flavor.

If you cook in a regular saucepan, then add soy sauce and spices after everything is ready and the future delicacy is boiling vigorously. Readiness can be found with a knife: gently pierce the skin, if it passes, but you need to make a little effort, then it’s ready. Go ahead.

There is no need to cool, put the skins hot in a rectangular or square container in layers, one on top of the other. You can sprinkle with pepper: black or red – at your discretion. Other spices can be used if desired. Cover with a lid and fit on top of a load weighing at least two kilograms. Damn from a husband’s dumbbell is fine.

Let the delicacy cool, then refrigerate it for a few hours. Slice the skin against the stack before serving to create nice striped chunks. Serve with pickles, mustard and garlic, do not forget to put a bottle of strong drink on the table – it will go with a bang!

You see, a pork snack can be like that. Very easy to prepare, requires a minimum of attention and looks great on the table. All that is needed is to try to break the stereotype that delicacies are prepared only from the highest class products.

Of course, we do not dispute this statement, but sometimes we really want to turn on the trick. Share the recipe with others and be sure to write in the comments about your impressions after you take the sample. Bon Appetit!

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