Feb 16, 2021
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Instructions for making candied flowers

Instructions for making candied flowers

Do you know that you can not only admire flowers, but also eat them? For the first time I tasted candied violets while on an excursion in Paris, and was simply amazed at their exquisite and refined taste. I know that in Madrid, candied flowers are one of the favorite delicacies of the locals.

Upon arrival from abroad, I was seriously carried away by the idea of ​​finding a recipe for those candied flowers, because this is just an amazing idea for decorating cakes and desserts, and as a separate delicacy for gourmets it is good.

All over the world flowers have been used in cooking for a long time. They were used not only for decoration, but also in salads and drinks. In our time, interest in edible flowers has reappeared.

They can be added to jams and preserves, frozen in ice cubes to decorate drinks, used in marinades, or simply for decoration.

It turns out that making such beauty at home is not at all difficult. Today we will show you how to make candied flowers. Refined decor for your sweet masterpieces!


  • fresh flowers
  • protein
  • sugar
  • powdered sugar

The amount of ingredients depends on the number of flowers and their size. Approximately 3 large flowers take 1 protein, 100–150 grams of sugar and 70–100 grams of powdered sugar. It is better to preheat the protein in a water bath at 80 degrees. At this temperature, Salmonella dies.


  1. First, the flowers need to be gently rinsed in water and then dried on paper towels. Please note that flowers for cooking should not be sprayed with pesticides.
  2. To make candied flowers to decorate baked goods, whisk the egg white and sugar in a convenient container. With a thin brush, completely cover the petals or buds with protein.
  3. Then sprinkle with powdered sugar through a strainer. Powdered sugar can be colored to match the flower.
  4. Shake off excess powder and dry the petals or flowers completely (the petals can be dried on paper towels or napkins). Larger flowers (roses or lilies) should be tied with a thread or thin wire around the stem and hung with a flower downwards so as not to crush the petals.
  5. That’s all, the candied flower is ready. Such a delicacy will easily decorate any pastry or cake.
  6. You can also make flowers sweet with jelly. To do this, you need to take a bag of dry jelly. Mix the jelly with a glass of hot water. Stir well to remove any lumps.
  7. Immerse the flowers in jelly and leave until the mass cools completely. Remove the flowers from the jelly mixture, shake lightly and sprinkle with sugar.
  8. Using a knife, part the flower petals and sprinkle each one with sugar. Sushi is the same as in the first option.

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