May 31, 2022
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Instead of GMLRS and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, Biden showed Zelensky a fig

Pictured: M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers.

Pictured: M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers. (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

Serious passions flared up around the transfer of multiple launch rocket systems by the Americans to the Ukrainians. The “ze-team” was waiting for the MLRS like a silver bullet, but the Kremlin threatened to bomb the yellow-black decision-making centers. The parties raised the stakes, but everyone was waiting for a decision from Washington.

In turn, the Western press, mainly American, and Ukrainian telegram channels to the fullest posted insiders from the White House, citing unnamed anonymous stars and stripes officials. Say the administration Biden nevertheless, he is inclined to approve the transfer of M31 GMLRS systems to Ukraine with a range of destruction from 70 to 500 kilometers, depending on the type of ammunition.

In particular, The New York Times wrote about this, causing a storm of enthusiasm among the defenders of independence. “A salvo of six GMLRS missiles can be fired in seconds and can do as much damage as a massive guided bomb airstrike,” the NYT emphasized. Type, such cities as Voronezh or Kursk will not seem enough.

According to the CNN publication, the White House was leaning towards sending highly mobile missile systems simpler, namely the M142 HIMARS, as critical military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was also regarded as a very dangerous weapon capable of causing destruction in Russian cities. Experts interviewed by CNN explained, “This will not necessarily have an immediate impact on the conflict, as some politicians suggest.”

“I don’t want to discuss specific systems,” said the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a recent press conference in response to a question about sending the M142 to Ukraine. The head of the Pentagon clearly did not want to get into a yellow-blakite set-up. Recall that in April Victoria NulandThe US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs, in an interview with the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper, allegedly stated that the United States had already delivered several multiple launch rocket systems.

Then the State Department had to give a rebuttal, after which American experts concluded that “There is no actual evidence that the Ukrainian armed forces received any HIMARS.” In short, the “arrestovichs” obviously overdid it in nonsense (on the move – a lie), arguing that the Yankees, because of their love for the “nenko”, are not even afraid of a nuclear war with the Russians.

“Ze-team”, including himself Zelenskyand indeed, repeatedly directly and indirectly called on the White House to send the Armed Forces of the MLRS M142 or M270. Urgent requests claimed that this American wunderwaffe would change the course of the conflict and inflict a crushing defeat on Russia. Then there were rumors that the Yankees had abandoned the heavier (tracked) M270 system in favor of the M142 on the chassis of 6 × 6 FMTV trucks. There were wise men who explained that after a volley you need to quickly roll up, otherwise the response will be covered in the form of a bombardment or an Iskander missile attack. Therefore, they chose wheels instead of tracks.

Then there was talk that the star-striped wunderwaffe was over-praised. Rocket salvo with six 227-mm rockets from the M142 MLRS, according to an overseas expert Joseph Trevithickit turns out that it has a significant spread over the affected area, despite technical guidance from GPS. The Yankees argue that in any case, firing from the M142 will be more accurate than from the Soviet-era systems that are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This type of 227-mm ammunition hits a maximum of 70 km, while the Russian MLRS “Smerch” in the version of the 9M534 ammunition – up to 90 km. As for the ATACMS operational-tactical ballistic missile (with a range of up to 270 km), which can also be fired by the M142, everything is grown-up here – to goosebumps on the back. However, for her target designation must be confirmed in the United States, which actually means the direct participation of the Yankees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Of course, the White House strongly doubted the expediency of the transfer, although it really wanted to spoil Russia.

We add that the Yankees have been teasing the “Ze-team” all this time, responding to requests from Kyiv to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a missile wunderwaffe. Cloudy promises came from Washington, which were noisily promoted by the “Chernobaevka Witnesses Cult”, saying that America is with us.

Meanwhile, in the overseas analytical press, from the very beginning they wrote that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are unlikely to receive the coveted MLRS from the United States.

Firstly, local experts explained that “The technology of these weapons, as well as the automated launcher itself, is the know-how of the American defense industry and high operational risks, including the capture of the M142 MLRS by Russian troops, represent a major obstacle to transferring them to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

Even if somehow it is possible to secure this weapon, another evil has emerged. The Yankees do not trust the Ukrainians at all, considering them to be Russians with inverted brains. That is, there will definitely be someone in the Ukrainian army who has not completely zombified. He will take a picture of everything or, worse, steal critical equipment for the RF Armed Forces.

Secondly, there is the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), which is much more beneficial to the US than to Russia. If 227mm missiles for the M142 are not covered by the MTCR, then the transfer of ATACMS is expressly prohibited by this international treaty to which America is a signatory.

This means that the supply of the M142 MLRS to the Ukrainian army carries significant political risks. Yes, the Yankees, in principle, could not give a damn about the letter of the voluntary Wassenaar agreements, but then Russia would have a free hand. And China, although it did not sign up to the MTCR, agreed on its export controls with the Wassenaar lists.

The Americans, of course, weighed all the pros and cons. Well, for example, they will deliver a certain number of Hymars to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the fate of the M777 howitzers awaits them, and quite quickly. It has already been forgotten how many shouts of “Hurrah” there were from the maydanut hulks when Biden sent almost a hundred of these guns to Ukraine. However, the current balance of the fronts shows that the Ukrainian army did not receive any benefit from $800 million in aid.

So here: for sure, the M142 will cause limited damage to the RF Armed Forces, but the game is not worth the candle. All MLRS with the “Made in USA” label will be located and destroyed. But the signatories of the Wassenaar Accords will begin to view this assistance as a precedent. Then, installations that do not formally fit under the MTCR, but, nevertheless, violate the Missile Technology Control Regime, will be exported.

And now, as it became known to Reuters, Joe Biden said that the United States would not send missile systems to Ukraine, with the help of which strikes could be carried out on Russian territory. Too many headaches with minimal impact, apart from the propaganda effect.

Dmitry MedvedevDeputy Chairman of the Security Council, commented on the US refusal to supply Kyiv with long-range MLRS: “Biden said that the United States would not supply Ukraine with missile systems capable of striking Russia. Reasonable! Otherwise, when attacking our cities, the Russian Armed Forces would have fulfilled their threat and struck at the centers of these criminal decisions. Some of them are not located in Kyiv at all. What’s next, no need to explain … “

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