Apr 21, 2022
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Instead of factories – “Potemkin villages”

Instead of factories -

Photo: Maxim Kiselev/TASS

Regional authorities across the country are announcing various projects that cannot but cause surprise. And indignation. Instead of building new plants and factories that will produce goods that Russia needs so much, it is proposed to build hotels, “eco-resorts”, “tourist clusters”, etc. The budgets are huge, this money would be quite enough to restore the local industry, which has been destroyed almost everywhere.

And let’s build a couple of hotels in Uglich, invest several billion rubles in the project! The fact that the hotels that are currently operating there are empty does not bother anyone. The Ministry of Construction will give money for the reconstruction of the historical center, we will master everything, and there will be happiness.

In Vologda, too, they do not get lost, the local authorities came up with the Carved Lace project and are ready to thump a couple of billion rubles into it. To start with a couple, and then how it goes …

Glamping sounds great! What it is is not clear, obviously in an enemy language, but they are going to do it in Volgograd. They are implementing an ecotourism project with three bases for this very glamping, and next year it seems like they should finish it. How much money was lowered (and more will be lowered) for glamping for some reason is not disclosed.

“Within three years, several investment projects are planned to be implemented in the region, the total amount of investments for which will be 400 million rubles. In particular, it is planned to open 10 out-of-town modular hotels in the region. They will be equipped in the Ulyanovsk, Staromaynsk, Sengileevsk and Cherdaklinsk districts,” reports the government of the Ulyanovsk region.

And this is a masterpiece.

“The Co-Fi Crowd Lending Platform for Investments in Creative Industries, together with the National Rightholder Support Fund, is launching a special program to support individual entrepreneurs in the creative economy. Starting from April 19 and until December 2022, about 40 million rubles will be allocated for the implementation of more than 100 creative projects, ”the message of this very Co-Fi says.

As you might guess, the financing of the “crowdlending (what a curse word …) platform” is budgetary.

Money seems to be small, but they are unlikely to be limited to them. This time.

Two – they will 100% go down the drain. That is, to support “representatives of the creative industry” – jesters, buffoons, bloggers, muffs, etc. And, as they know, no matter how much you give, it’s not enough. And as in a bottomless barrel, it’s useless to hell tenths.

“Everything for the front – everything for victory!” – Under such a slogan, in theory, all of Russia should work today. Build a new economy before it’s too late. As long as there is some money, as long as you can buy something with it. Namely equipment and technology. As our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did in the 30s of the twentieth century, when Stalin carried out industrialization. If not for her, our country would have long ago ceased to exist, it would have fallen under the onslaught of the Nazi hordes.

Today the situation is no less dangerous, “civilized common people” are ready at any moment to rush again to Russia “to establish democracy” by the methods of Adolf Aloizovich and his overseas followers. As in Yugoslavia, in Iraq, Libya and other countries – with the help of bombs, missiles, cannons and machine guns. And before it’s too late, you need to create a strong rear, as they did in the 30s. We don’t have a rear now. At all. None.

If we take the same Yaroslavl region, then there is where to invest money. For example, the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky is a factory on Pleshcheevskaya Street, house 17. The buildings are empty, life has gone from here. We do not need textile, light industry? Take a look at yourself, because everything that you are wearing, up to shorts and socks, not to mention other items of clothing, is imported! There are buildings, there are also labor resources in the city. Put the equipment – and go!

However, only tourism infrastructure projects and other nonsense flash in the news. By the way, in Pereslavl-Zalessky, they also built a mega-beach for mythical visiting vacationers. But they did not finish it, they abandoned it. Money, of course, mastered. And nobody got hurt.

Apparently, a number of officials live in their own world, which does not intersect with the reality of tens of millions of Russians. And the locals don’t understand that no one will go to new hotels and other “tourist infrastructure” and will not engage in glamping. For one simple reason – the citizens of the Russian Federation stupidly do not have money for this. Muscovites will not go to Muhosransk, this is not cool and not glamorous. And with provincial salaries of 15-25 thousand rubles a month, glamping somehow does not work. It would be impossible to put your teeth on the shelf, especially with the current rise in food prices …

However, it is difficult to explain such “glamping” projects and others like stupidity alone, the case, apparently, is much worse. The authorities portray vigorous activity clearly not just like that, but in the interests of certain forces. Who are not interested in the emergence of a new economy in Russia. And the main harm is not done by the regionals. Yes, they crap, and massively, in the aggregate, the damage is enormous. However, the federal structures are much more weighty.

The recent situation with nails has continued. As you know, the Ministry of Industry and Trade then otbrehalas. Like “you’re all lying” – we have a lot of nails and they are all domestic. True, statistics immediately appeared that the opposite was true, but the ministerial ones did not even deign to notice this.

“To my deep regret, instead of analyzing the situation, figuring out how it happened that we import tons of products that are a little more complicated than a piece of wire from other countries, the Ministry of Industry and Trade happily declares that enough nails are produced in the country and is preparing a bravura press -release. It turns out that everything is fine. Maybe someone is fine. But our citizens are able to go to the nearest hardware store and look in the fastener department for the country of origin of the goods, ”said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

The country of origin will be known – either China or Belarus. But the Ministry of Industry and Trade does not intend to stop only at nails. The Ministry came up with a more than strange “initiative” – ​​to zero export duties on sawn timber by the end of the year! Not to support domestic producers, but to take all the wood out of the country. Which is now worth exorbitant money.

It seems like we have a lot of forests, and now the pieces of wood are worth their weight in gold. In theory, it is necessary, on the contrary, to reorient this industry to the domestic market, so that sawmills, mills for the production of joinery and other artels for the manufacture of log cabins for baths and summer cottages appear. With tax incentives, low-cost loans for the purchase of equipment, and for working capital. Then the prices will fall, and the people will be satisfied. But, judging by the proposals of ministerial officials, Russia does not need all this. And you just need to take everything out. Although there is enough money in the treasury, more than.

It turns out that there is a banal sabotage. There are no other versions. The same Valentina Matviyenko convicted the Ministry of Industry and Trade of directly distorting the facts. And with such a Ministry of Industry and Trade, we will not have any industry. Exactly. Generally. But we can take everything out and stay completely without pants.

Positive in terms of industry, fortunately, also sometimes slips. Apparently, contrary to the ministerial. Thus, the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region supported the construction of a new plant to replace the import of hydraulic equipment. 5 billion rubles are not thrown to the wind, but are invested in the launch of a new site, which will increase the volume of production of hydraulic products from 3.5 thousand to 12 thousand products per month. Consumers – more than a dozen enterprises in Russia and Belarus. Here is the C thing! Let’s hope that everything will grow together and that no “enemies of the people” will put a spoke in the wheels of the project.

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