Sep 9, 2022
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Instead of beans in the sauce, the chef found only sauce in the jar

sauce in a jar instead of beansAlan Ralph, who was preparing meals for himself and his wife Barbara, was left quite puzzled by Heinz beans – or rather, their absence.

sauce in a jar instead of beans

An elderly resident of Chatham (Kent, England) opened a can of canned beans, poured the contents into a saucepan and realized that the jar contained only sauce. Now Alan and Barbara, who bought canned food without added sugar, joke that Heinz forgot to include an important detail – not only sugar-free beans, but also beans.

sauce in a jar instead of beans

However, the culinary specialist and his wife did not remain hungry. They had another can of beans in the closet, which, fortunately, turned out to be in order.

The teacher was engaged in the delivery of free school lunches

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