Oct 14, 2020
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Instead of a domestic cat, a woman buried a completely different animal in the garden

funeral of a domestic catThe story, told by a certain Eric Schmidt, was considered by Internet users to be both amazing and funny.

funeral of a domestic cat

It all started with the disappearance of a domestic cat. Eric's mother went to look for the animal and quickly realized that a tragedy had happened to her darling - her corpse was found not far from the house. After a funeral arranged in the garden and a touching tearful farewell to the deceased, the grieving family returned to the house and found that their Kitty had returned, and she was alive and well.

funeral of a domestic cat

Realizing that some other animal was buried in the garden, the storyteller's mother went to the burial site and dug up the dead animal to take to the veterinarian. The woman thought that a microchip would be found inside the corpse, and so it would be possible to track the owners of the animal. And then came the turn of the second surprise. In the clinic, it turned out that the animal did not belong to anyone at all - it turned out to be a wild rabbit. Of course, people who have learned about such an incredible event do not get tired of wondering what turns life sometimes presents to us.

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