Oct 14, 2020
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Instead of a disinfectant, the girl took something much more intimate to school.

the girl took intimate lubricantLouise Hosi was very embarrassed when, while washing her 5-year-old daughter's jacket, she found intimate lubricant in her pocket.

the girl took intimate lubricant

It turns out that a little resident of Livingston (Scotland) noticed her mother's bottle with an interesting liquid and thought it was hand sanitizer. The girl's name is Summer, and the ill-fated lubricant is produced by Ann Summers - after reading the name, the baby immediately decided that the bottle was meant for her.

the girl took intimate lubricant

A smart elementary school student wants to be safe from the virus, and therefore she took a miracle cure with her to school to disinfect her hands. After talking with her daughter, Louise found out that the generous schoolgirl shared the lubricant with several classmates, but, fortunately, the scandalous bottle did not catch the eye of any of the teachers. By the way, Summer's strange disinfectant really liked it. She told her mother that her hands were pleasant and hot - which is not surprising, because the lubricant was warming.

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