Dec 31, 2020
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Installing an arch in a doorway with your own hands

Installing an arch in a doorway with your own hands

Installing an arch in a doorway has gained particular popularity for a long time. And symbolizes the rainbow in the house. And in Feng Shui, going under a rainbow means clearing your aura of negative energy and getting a positive charge. And, especially since you can make an arch and install it in a doorway with your own hands. To do this, you just need to follow all the necessary rules and stock up on the necessary tools and materials.

Preparatory work

As a rule, all work should be carried out in stages. The first step is to carry out all the preparatory work. To do this, you need to decide on the shape of the arched structure, and what material it will be made of. Usually, drywall is used for the construction of such an element, since installation work with such a material is easy and affordable for everyone. And the finished structures are obtained with a smooth surface and thus further finishing is greatly simplified.

Then it is necessary to dismantle the doors and eliminate all unnecessary elements. If it is planned to make decorative lighting in the arch, it is necessary to draw a wire from the nearest phase box to the doorway. I would like to note right away that the entire arched structure is installed on the frame. It should be the same size as the finished arch or be slightly smaller. But do not make the frame very narrow and low.

Frame fabrication

The frame structure must be made of metallic materials. First of all, it is necessary to make markings on the opening. This is necessary so that all elements of the frame and metal guides are positioned accurately. All parts should be fixed to the opening with dowels. The holes for the fasteners must be prepared in advance with a puncher. The next step is to prepare the foundation. For this, a profile is suitable, which must be bent and given a certain shape. Then it needs to be attached to the frame guides.

With this work, the main thing is that all markings have an exact location. If the markings are located incorrectly, the finished arched structure will lose its shape and attractiveness.

Making an arch

Now it’s time to cut out all the necessary elements for the arch from the drywall sheets. This is done very simply. First of all, arched elements for the side walls are cut out, and to give them a semicircular shape, you need to use a jigsaw and a template (cardboard blank). After all the elements are ready, they need to be attached to the frame with self-tapping screws.

An important point is to give rigidity to the arched structure. This is necessary so that the arch does not lose its shape in the future. To do this, you need to fix the transverse elements made of plasterboard and mount the arch. Ceiling drywall is suitable for making the arc, since it is thin. The arc should be fastened to the frame with self-tapping screws, which must be sunk into the sheet by 1.5 millimeters. This will greatly facilitate subsequent finishing work.

Finishing work

Such work includes sealing of seams and masking the heads of self-tapping screws. First, the surface must be primed, and then a layer of putty must be applied. And only after that apply the finishing layer of the putty mixture. And in order for the structure to acquire a perfectly flat surface, it is necessary to sand in several stages.

The installation of the arch in the doorway is coming to an end. Now you need to finish with materials that are most suitable for the interior of the room. A wide range of finishing materials makes it possible to make a structure for every taste. It only depends on preferences and imagination.

The final step is to make decorative lighting. Such work is carried out quite simply. First you need to make certain holes for the lamps, and hide all the wires under the structure inside the frame. Such an element will give the arch an elegant and attractive look.

When installing an arch in a doorway, you need to fantasize a little and then you end up with a beautiful design with an exquisite look, which will delight all family members every day and delight guests.

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