Jun 20, 2021
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Inspection: new rules

Inspection: new rules

Recently, a new edition of the law “On technical inspection of vehicles” was adopted.

The life of car enthusiasts is getting much more difficult. A broken headlight – and you have not passed the inspection, which means that you will not get on the road. And the list of requirements contains more than 80 items.

And the inspection itself is now carried out differently. The car must be photographed before entering the inspection point and after leaving it (the coordinates of the photo location will be recorded), and the diagnostic cards will become electronic. Now it will not be possible to pass the technical inspection in absentia. Maintenance operators are required to enter information about the geolocation of the vehicle undergoing inspection.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to fake a photo – in this case, the diagnostic card from the car owner will be canceled, and even the inspection point will be fined (and the amount of the fine is rather big – up to 300 thousand rubles). Another nuance: you will not even be informed about the cancellation of the card. The “happy” car owner finds out about this on the road: if it is recorded that the car is moving without a working diagnostic card, the owner will pay a fine of 2,000 rubles.

What should you do if your car has not passed the inspection and the old diagnostic card has already run out? We’ll have to take the car to MOT on a tow truck. Moreover, and back, too, until there is a new diagnostic card on hand. As experts explain, you may have to ride a tow truck several times until all faults are eliminated and MOT is finally completed.

All systems of the car will be thoroughly checked. It is important that there are no smudges on the tubes, the headlights are intact, the steering wheel turns smoothly. If the windshield has large cracks, THEN will fail. All bolts must be present on the wheels. It is also impossible to come to MOT on tires out of season. And this is only a small part of the technical inspection rules!

In general, a period of new spending has come for car owners. To be absolutely sure that the car will pass MOT, you must, apparently, first go through a full diagnosis in a car service and eliminate any shortcomings, but not all citizens can afford it. There is not enough money to replace the windshield – put the car on a joke, wait for the salary. And for all additional devices or equipment on the car, you will have to collect pieces of paper and even re-register their installation with the traffic police.

Note that in 2020 drivers and pedestrians were fined 83.1 billion rubles. It is clear that the most common traffic violations are speeding, failure to comply with road signs, markings or traffic lights. Already there – and a lot! – fines for an unfastened seat belt or lack of motorcycle helmets – in total by 2 million rubles, for violation of the rules of tinting – by 1.4 million rubles. At the same time, the traffic police is going to introduce new fines – cameras will catch drivers who are not wearing their seatbelts and talking on the phone. Together with the new technical requirements, the operation of the car becomes golden for the Russian citizen. It will probably be easier to change to a bicycle.

Marina Lepina.


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