Feb 17, 2021
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Insiders talked about Pavel Priluchny’s life after the divorce and his debts: “Barely enough for alimony”

Insiders talked about Pavel Priluchny

Pavel Priluchny with his daughter Mia and son Timofey

33-year-old Pavel Priluchny does not actively share information about his personal life with fans, so she gets into the press solely thanks to insiders and paparazzi. The other day, people from the close circle of the actor talked with the publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and admitted that now Paul is going through a difficult period in his life.

According to friends, during a recent fight in one of the nightclubs in Kaliningrad, Pavel Priluchny damaged his facial nerve, which is why he now looks a little different. According to them, the actor may even decide to undergo plastic surgery in order to return to his usual on-screen role of a hero-lover.

Pavel PriluchnyPavel Priluchny

According to rumors, Pavel is not entirely satisfied with his relationship with 34-year-old Miroslava Karpovich. Priluchny’s friends claim that the actor is dating Karpovich simply because he failed to return his ex-wife Agatha Muceniece. Pavel does not even introduce Miroslav to his friends as his girlfriend.

You can consider that Mira is my children’s nanny, we are friends with her, she helps me with the housework when my son and daughter come,

– quotes the words of the actor, his friends in an interview with reporters.

Miroslava Karpovich and Pavel PriluchnyMiroslava Karpovich and Pavel Priluchny

After the divorce from Muceniece, Priluchny also faced great financial difficulties. According to Paul’s friends, he has a lot of debts. At the same time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Priluchny earns much less, because there is almost no filming during this crisis period.

A shooting day for Pasha costs 500 thousand rubles, but there is practically no filming now. Pandemic … Now only the theater has remained with Pasha. And you have to pay the bills, the sea of ​​debts. Firstly, the debt (about 10 million rubles) for two cars hangs on it. Secondly, he moved out of his country house and put it up for sale, valued at 180 million rubles. True, no one is buying the mansion, the price is too high for times of crisis. Pasha now lives with Miroslava in the country house of his friends. And at the same time, Priluchny has not yet repaid the loan for the old house. He still has to pay several tens of millions of rubles for him,

– shared a friend of Priluchny.

Miroslava KarpovichMiroslava Karpovich

Pavel Priluchny
Pavel Priluchny

The insider also clarified that Pavel had postponed savings – 100 million rubles, but he used this money on a joint business project with his friend, and this business has not yet brought them profit. According to friends, now Priluchny barely has enough funds to transfer 100 thousand rubles to his ex-wife Agata Muceniece monthly as alimony to their two children.

Pavel Priluchny

Miroslava KarpovichMiroslava Karpovich

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