Jun 24, 2022
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Insanity grew stronger: Biden accidentally “lit up” his cheat sheets

U.S. President Biden, at a meeting with wind industry leaders, accidentally showed a cheat sheet in public reminding him to “Take YOUR seat”, “YOU give brief comments (2 minutes)”, and “YOU leave.” This is not the first time Biden, 79, has been photographed using a cheat sheet in public meetings. He was also seen with ready-made responses to the media while talking about the Ukrainian crisis earlier this year.

Joe Biden accidentally revealed a cheat sheet with elementary commands on where to sit and what to do during a meeting with wind energy leaders at the White House, writes the Daily Mail.

The president mistakenly showed the photographers a list of instructions that said, “Take YOUR seat,” “You are making brief comments,” and “You are leaving.”

The tips also told the 79-year-old head of the White House to speak to specific visitors, ask them questions and thank them before leaving.

Apparently, this is not the first time Biden has been caught using a cheat sheet: he was seen with ready-made answers for the media during a conversation about Ukraine earlier this year.

Thursday’s confusion was the latest in a series of gaffes in which America’s president lost his balance and collapsed in public and said things he shouldn’t have said. These incidents have raised serious concerns for the well-being and mental capacity of the head of the nuclear superpower as he approaches 80, despite the fact that the White House does not answer questions about his health.

During a meeting with wind power executives in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, Biden presented photographers with an eight-point cheat sheet on how to behave.

Instead of referring to “the president” by his first name, whoever typed the note clearly intended it for the president’s eyes and referred to Biden as “YOU” in bold and capital letters.

Detailed instructions told Biden to “enter the Roosevelt room and greet the participants.” A piece of paper told him to sit down: “Sit down in YOUR seat.” The note then asked the President to speak after the journalists were brought into the room: “You make brief comments (2 minutes).”

After the reporters left, Biden was told to speak to some of those present at the meeting. “YOU ASK a question to Liz Schuler, President of the AFL-CIO” followed by “YOU thank the members” and “You are leaving.”

The meeting passed without further incident, but subsequently sharp-eyed photographers quickly realized what the President of the United States had accidentally revealed to the cameras.

Biden continued to use such notes throughout his presidency, and they were sometimes given to him at very public moments.

Last July, an assistant handed him a note that said, “Sir, you have something on your chin.” This alerted the President that something was on his face for about the first 10 minutes of his virtual meeting. He had a yellow dot under his mouth, but kept talking. He was then handed a note encouraging him to wipe his chin and look at his hand.

Biden again held the note so that all reporters and photographers could read it. The note was only visible because Biden used the same note card during the meeting.

Earlier this year, Biden was ridiculed for using a printed “cheat sheet” with answers to expected questions when he met with the media to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

The notes stated: “If you weren’t in favor of regime change, what did you have in mind? Can you explain? Another note read: “Does this threaten to split unity with your NATO allies?”

Biden had already prepared the answer on a printed card: “No. NATO has never been more united.”

The President of the United States regularly used clue cards and was often photographed with them during the campaign before taking office. He often took out of his pocket papers with daily data on COVID cases, which he regularly referred to. He also used them to give accurate information at the town hall before the elections when he asked a question about taxes.

“I carry this card with me,” Biden said. He used several cheat sheets during his first presidential press conference, including one with portraits and the names of reporters he planned to call.

Biden also used the notes during the 2021 Geneva summit with President Putin and while talking to reporters at the G20 summit in Rome.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Biden’s well-being was again called into question when he fell off his bike at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The President of the United States told the press: “I’m fine” after he collapsed. Biden told reporters that he had difficulty removing his shoes from the pedals of his bicycle, which led to his fall. He pulled up to greet the crowd that had gathered near the bike path in Gordon’s Pond State Park, and people yelled “Happy Father’s Day” to the president. As Biden tried to get off his bike, his boots got stuck and he fell sideways, causing a frenzy of Secret Service agents and members of the press trying to help him up.

Biden, according to the Daily Mail, has repeatedly faced numerous other missteps, such as tripping on the stairs on the air force one’s presidential board, and also lost his way of thought during speeches.

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