Sep 20, 2022
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InoSMI: Revolt of all the rest – how Russia sees the future world order

InoSMI: Revolt of all the rest - how Russia sees the future world order

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For the world of the future, two scenarios are possible, according to the American edition of The National Interest.

The publication, which appeared on its pages, indicates that the world order can move either towards increasing US hegemony, or towards weakening Washington’s global influence, writes InoSMI.

The fact that the world needs change was shown by the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, which began on February 24 with the introduction of Russian troops.

Those countries that are ready to resist the United States will rally around the Russian Federation and China. Now Moscow, the publication notes, is following red lines in the fight against the West. Moscow considers it expedient to build up its military power so as not to concede to the West as its task.

The Russian Federation seeks to deprive the United States of its hegemon status and unite as many states around itself as possible. To this end, the Russian Federation will continue to support countries that are ready to leave Washington’s influence.

Therefore, situations are possible when the Russian Federation will have to get involved in a direct military conflict with the United States or NATO, and Moscow is preparing for this. But this will entail consequences that both Moscow and the West are aware of.

The author of the article notes that Russian President Vladimir Putin recognizes the unprofitable consequences of a nuclear war, since there will be no winners in a nuclear conflict.

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