Sep 8, 2021
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They, as shown by communication with representatives of this community, are well aware that now they will have to typeset their materials according to strict guidelines and connect to the media discourse, having rigid installation data, as well as conduct targeted campaigns to disseminate information, which, to put it mildly, often simply does not correspond reality or is a direct distortion of the facts.

Periodic prosecution for libel of such “independent” is evidence of this.

In fact, these brothers and sisters turned into propagandists. However, either the “handshake” reflections, or an attempt to close themselves off from this unpleasant information that hurts the immature souls of young and not very young representatives of the second oldest profession, do not admit the obvious: what they usually blame their opponents for is their own role.

It is also interesting that the current campaign in defense of media structures and individual journalists, recognized by foreign agents or generally undesirable organizations in our country, which runs under the auspices of corporate solidarity, absolutely ignores the following simple fact: those who are protected have never denied that they are open work against the current government with foreign funds.

Moreover, they do it regularly, for a substantial sum and in the most “network” way. That is, we are talking about a systemic, large-scale activity aimed at overthrowing the constitutional power or recognizing it as incompetent internationally.

The primary task for such a “grid” is to work out the topic, the secondary task is to cover up your own people if they are brought to justice or taken out of your comfort zone, and hope that when your turn comes, your comrades will cover you too.

One of the goals of such characters is, as it became clear ten years ago, the so-called political emigration.

This is when a foreign agent or an applicant for this high rank begins to deliberately provoke law enforcement officers or authorities into, so to speak, repression against him. And here the arrest or arrest is a stroke of luck that immediately attracts the attention of external actors. Then, several interviews with foreign media are given, a lawsuit is filed with the ECHR, and there is not far from the airport in the interval between the sentencing and its protest by lawyers who have filled their hands on it.

There is also a special professional group – lawyers and human rights activists who also specialize in the problems of the “non-systemic opposition” (and only them), judging by the fact that the same names appear in the information about the court hearings.

Organizations and individuals who for some reason call themselves human rights defenders are a separate and no less interesting topic.

A textbook example here is, of course, the epic career of the Pussy Riot team, part of which was “reborn” in “Mediazone”, and some of them emigrated and went to sites with porn content … Everything is “beautiful”, as usual.

However, the current situation differs from the previous ones: recently several media structures and persons have been recognized as foreign agents and “undesirable” at once. This happened in a fairly short time – so that it looks like a planned action by law enforcement officers. What the recognized ones are shouting about …

Yes, it is just that, because on the other side of the barricades we are observing just a “grid”, a whole system of destructive influence on civil society and authorities in order to inflict maximum damage during the election campaign.

The constitutional duty of the state in this case is to protect itself and civil society from such influence, especially when it comes not even about “internal terrorists” (a fine term borrowed by us from recent history in the United States with the temporary occupation of the Congress building by Trumpists), but about the banal “external interference”, the conductors of which, and this is proved by the materials of the Ministry of Justice and Rosfinmonitoring, are the so-called “independent media”.

In this case, this contingent also encroaches on something more – on faith in humanity, no less, as it tries to make white black, and present black white. For this, in the old days, the Holy Inquisition burned at the stake, but in today’s vegetarian times they are simply recognized as foreign agents or “undesirable.”

All these “Project.Media” *** (Roman Badanin *), Medusa Project * (Galina Timchenko), “Memorial” ** (Lev Ponomarev *) and others – with great and fat pleasure (in the literal sense of the word) literally enjoy their well-paid destructive role and the appropriated right to behave like a boor both with representatives of the authorities and with representatives of civil society trying to call them to order. For example, the same Badaninsky “Project” *** received a grant from the European Commission for 0.5 million euros for virtually anti-Russian activities. All in all, within the framework of the projects of the European Commission, projects are supported “for the development of media literacy, increasing the access of Russian citizens (especially young people) to modern media”, and the total budget for this is 3.2 million euros, in the amount of 1450 euros, which is good money for the population of the countries of the so-called Eastern Partnership (remember, there was such a thing?). By the way, the advantage, when receiving grants, is given to journalists who have undergone training in relevant foreign NGOs.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is also very active now, supporting his former (ex?) Employee Andrei Pivovarov, who is running for the State Duma from the Yabloko party. As is clear, Khodorkovsky has a whole media network at his disposal to support his candidates. The Insider * (Latvia) and the Khodorkovsky Dossier Center associated with it received 404 thousand euros from the European Fund for Democracy in 2016-2019. Also in 2016-2018, this fund allocated 205 thousand euros to the aforementioned “Project” *** … So count, think so.

So what?

We must clearly understand that all these guys are by no means like-minded people. Judging by the way they chat with each other on social networks and compete for grants and donations, this is a structured system of actual and paid agents of influence. Proof? Yes, please: postings of funds provided by a number of Russian media outlets, in particular RT; periodic withdrawal, when baked, to pre-prepared positions in Lithuania, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and EU countries specializing in the deployment of anti-Russian military-political infrastructure, and most importantly – direct diplomatic support from the US Department of State, Great Britain and the EU.

There is in this their behavior some kind of daring, leading, however, to a complete detachment from reality and immersion in an absolutely illegal environment, from which it is no longer possible for them to get out, at least without outside help.

So they hope that “the West will help us,” and if anything – “helped the children,” like Ilf and Petrov did.

Alexey Mukhin

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