Jan 5, 2022
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Inna Malikova refused early retirement after the scandal


The sister of musician Dmitry Malikov, singer Inna Malikova decided to refuse to receive an artistic pension at the age of 45.

The country found out that representatives of creative professions can legally retire after 15-20 years of work after the story with Inna Malikova. Well, there is no way to give the beauty singer 45 years, which she just celebrated on January 1. But she, by the way, became a grandmother four years ago and got a real chance to be called a pensioner, and this fact did not bother her in any way.

When the lawyers of the organization, in which I have been officially registered for more than 25 years, suggested that I consider the possibility of drawing up documents for early retirement as a creative worker by experience, I did not attach importance to this fact, – Inna explained to StarHit. – For me, this state of affairs was the norm – my mother, a ballet dancer, has been receiving a pension since she was 37 years old.“.

Inna Malikova
Inna Malikova

But the same situation to the extreme angered the Russians, who could not understand what merits the artists were entitled to deductions for after 15-20 years of relatively dusty work, and even in the amount of 50 thousand, which was called in the press.

I have an old-age pension of about 17 thousand rubles! There are no tens of thousands, as everyone is used to thinking. And I have been on stage all my life. And Inna will have the same payments“, – convinced Malikova’s father, Yuri Fedorovich.

Apparently, Inna decided that the whole scandal was not worth an artistic pension, so before her 45th birthday she abandoned this idea. “Looking at how events began to develop, we decided to withdraw the claim. We are facing an appellate instance. Inna Yuryevna will apply for retirement on a common basis with other citizens of the Russian Federation“, – emphasized the singer’s lawyers.

Human rights activists added that Malikova still has every right to a pension, and the laws were invented in order to use them: “This may seem unfair to some, but there is a law, we did not invent it.“.

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