May 9, 2022
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Injured giant squid washed up on the beach

giant squid on the beachThe photos shared on the Internet by Ali Paulus surprised users, because it’s not every day that you get to admire such an unusual creature as a giant squid.

giant squid on the beach

A woman captured a marine life on the beach in Kommetji (South Africa). Unfortunately, the condition of the squid did not inspire hope that he would survive. The wounded creature received a serious cut injury – apparently, having suffered from a boat propeller.

giant squid on the beach

Encounters with giant squids are extremely rare, because they live at great depths and infrequently float to the surface.

giant squid on the beach

This squid struck both the eyewitness and Internet users with its size. Its length was about 2.2 meters, and this is without deployed tentacles. The giant was bigger than a child.

giant squid on the beach

Discussing the photographs taken by Ali, people did not stint on words of admiration for the wonders of nature. Although the unfortunate squid, of course, everyone took pity on.

The statue of a squid caused delight not all citizens


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