Apr 19, 2021
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Initiatives will be heard. Participation of volunteers in the primaries of “United Russia”

Registration of candidates for participation in the preliminary voting of United Russia continues until April 29. During the first month of nomination to the organizing committees, more than 3300 applications were submitted, of which almost half came from volunteers, social activists and representatives of the social sphere.

One of the main reasons why volunteers participate in the preliminary voting of United Russia is the desire to help people and protect their interests. This will help volunteers to announce their successful projects throughout the country.

The volunteer movement has become the most in demand due to the pandemic that has swept the world. She also identified hundreds of thousands of activists who are not indifferent and ready to help.

As noted in his recent speech Vladimir Putin, volunteers, getting into political structures, can propose and implement different approaches to solving the problems facing the country or region.

In the opinion Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society (FORGO) Konstantin Kostin, for those who are just starting their path in politics, participation in the preliminary voting becomes an opportunity to acquire an important skill of direct contact with voters. “Up to this point, volunteers have acted as social activists, helping people. In politics, they will be engaged in political representation. And here it is extremely important to learn how to convert one type of communication into another, ”he said.

Using volunteer experience in politics

Olga Bazhukova, a participant in the preliminary voting from the Rostov region, said that she decided on this because she wants to prove that it is possible and necessary to engage in volunteering at the legislative level.

According to head of the “ONF Youth” Igor Kastyukevich, also became a participant in the preliminary vote, each deputy must be a little public figure. “And if social activists become deputies, then only people will benefit from this. Problems should be solved systematically, not one-time. And public representation in the legislature will allow this to be done “, he says.

In the opinion eco-activist Alexei Tsveloy from the Omsk region, youth policy in the country also needs changes. “The laws that are written without the participation of young people do not allow them to bring something of their own, to declare something important specifically for her. But it is necessary to give the initiative youth a “way out”, to build it into state policy ”, he thinks.

The volunteer candidates are convinced that the authorities need new people who will be able to convey the position of the regions to the federal center.

“Participation in a preliminary vote increases the likelihood that initiatives and projects related to the same volunteer activities will be heard by the federal authorities”, considers regional head of the “Victory Volunteers” movement Viktoria Kharlinskaya from Kemerovo.

I agree with her Yulia Ogloblina, leader of the Russian Union of Rural Youth

“As part of the activities of our Union, we naturally know all the problems. Since we communicate with the guys, we ourselves live in villages and villages and constantly face obstacles. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to overcome them. And I would like, having gained this experience and knowledge, to defend the interests of rural youth at a different level, to develop our rural territories. Therefore, I am going to the preliminary vote “, she said.

Also among the reasons why they participate in the preliminary voting, the participants name the support of certain vulnerable categories of people, the development of infrastructure projects, the spread of successful social practices and economic projects throughout the country.

Director for Political Analysis of the Institute of Social Marketing “INSOMAR” Viktor Poturemsky notes that a volunteer going into politics must clearly understand his range of tasks in a new area. “This is not just going into politics for the sake of going. This should be an accurate justification and answers to the questions, why, why and what role is the volunteer experience and the role of a volunteer in the image of a political candidate ”, said the expert.

Maximum open voting model

During the first month of the nomination of candidates to the organizing committees, more than 3300 applications were submitted. Almost half of those wishing to participate in the procedure are volunteers, social activists and representatives of the social sphere. Every third candidate represents small and medium-sized businesses. Also, about 30% of those wishing to represent the party in the elections to the State Duma people under 35.

Registration of candidates for participation in the preliminary voting will last until April 29. All the necessary information about the procedure can be found on the official website

The voting itself will take place online from 24 to 30 May. It will be organized according to the most open model, all voters registered on the territory of Russia will be able to participate in it with verification on the portal of state services. The results of the preliminary voting will be announced on June 1. After that, the lists of United Russia candidates for nomination in the State Duma will be approved by the Congress.

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