Sep 8, 2021
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“Infuriated with one presence”: TV presenter Kagramanov revealed his attitude towards Dana Milokhin

“Milokhin is an awl in f ***, constant hysterics,” said Kagramanov.

Dania Milokhin and Roman Kagramanov Photo collage:

Young celebrities had to become close friends on the set of Bloggers and Roads. They spent 12 hours on the bus. Part of the picture came out with the caption “Milokhin enrages everyone.”

Kagramanov with other Tiktokers went on a trip to Russia. On August 12, Ivleeva published a video where Kagramanov “covers” Dania with a “three-story” obscenity. The younger showed that he was joking, and aggression was read in Kagramanov’s eyes. The presenter spoke about the attitude towards Milokhin in an interview with Laura Dzhugelia:

“We constantly fought with him on Bloggers and on the roads, he pissed me off. I said: take him away from me, please. In short, two hysterics, two morons. I love and hate at the same time. “

The moment of quarrel Milokhin and Kagramanov Photo collage: YouTube

A children’s skirmish broke out between Milokhin and Kagramanov. The TV presenter noted in an interview that their communication reminded him of his school years. Danya on the set of “Bloggers and Dorgs” pulled energy from Kagramanov and pulled out on conflicts. Fans believe he did it for the hype. Psychologists call this state of attention. Given that the boy lived in an orphanage and had a lack of love, he can compensate for this with defiant behavior.

Kagramanov and Milokhin are people from different generations. It is difficult for 25-year-old Roman to understand the 19-year-old Tiktoker. The first grew up on the content of Katya Klap, and the second created the trends himself.

Kagramanov hinted that he does not hold a grudge against the offender. The host of “Friday” put it all as a joke. Most likely, the relationship of the stars will mature with age.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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