Jan 29, 2021
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Infectionist told how to distinguish coronavirus from ARVI

The symptoms of any acute respiratory viral infection can be mistaken for a possible manifestation of a coronavirus infection. The exceptional features of COVID-19 in an interview with Sputnik radio were listed by infectious disease doctor Sergei Voznesensky.

According to the specialist, all diseases from the ARVI group, including the coronavirus, are characterized by damage to the respiratory system, however, with the new virus, it is the nasal cavity and lungs that are most often affected.

“Nevertheless, a sore throat, and perspiration, and a cough with damage to the larynx, trachea can also occur,” the expert noted.

Another syndrome characteristic of all ARVI is intoxication, which, as Voznesensky explained, manifests itself in any infections with headache, body aches or fever. The corresponding symptoms are also characteristic of coronavirus, therefore, in order to determine an accurate diagnosis in case of malaise, the doctor recommends doing laboratory tests.

Sergei Voznesensky also added that people with increased anxiety tend to think that they have contracted COVID. They can sense the symptoms of this virus and still be perfectly healthy.

Scientists have previously warned that a lack of vitamin K can cause complications in coronavirus, including vascular damage.

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