Mar 5, 2021
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Individual development. Several important projects are being implemented in Adygea

In Adygea, the head of the region monitored the progress of work on three fundamentally important projects. So, in the Giaginsky district Murat Kumpilov got acquainted with the progress of the federal project in the field of sports. A physical culture and recreation complex (FOC) “Kristal” was recently built here. Sports facility with an area of ​​over 2.2 thousand sq. meters was erected according to the federal project “Sport is the norm of life”. The total cost of construction and installation work amounted to over 79.7 million rubles. The local administration allocated an additional 2.7 million rubles for the purchase of sports equipment.

A photo: A. Gusev

The head of the republic examined the new sports complex, attended the training of the pupils of the children’s and youth sports school, which since last year has been housed within the walls of the new sports complex. It was noted that the sports school has sections for football, volleyball, athletics and boxing, which are attended by more than 760 young athletes. There are halls for playing sports with a tribune for 200 spectators, martial arts and athletic sports. There is also an electronic scoreboard and appropriate sound equipment for the competition.

A photo: A. Gusev

After getting acquainted with the work of the new sports complex, the Head of the Republic examined in st. Giaginskaya stadium, renovated last year, bearing the name of Yuri Gagarin, and attended the training of young football players.

Renovation work here was also carried out within the framework of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life”. The project was financed from the budgets of all levels and amounted to more than 40.8 million rubles.

A photo: A. Gusev

According to the project, a modern football field with artificial turf and track and field tracks was purchased for the stadium, and a tribune for 350 spectators was installed. Two sports grounds for volleyball and basketball were built next to the stadium.

In a conversation with the leadership of the district, the head of Adygea emphasized the importance of active involvement of residents of the municipality in sports and a healthy lifestyle.

“Thanks to the policy of the country’s leadership, Adygea, like other regions, has the opportunity to develop mass sports. Today we are reviving the traditions of the TRP, building large-scale sports facilities in the republic: sports facilities, stadiums and gyms. It is important that they are maximally involved in the life of municipalities, benefit the population, become health centers uniting people of different ages, ”said Murat Kumpilov.

A photo: A. Gusev

Attention to medicine

Also, the head of Adygea inspected the work of the district hospital after the construction of the new building was completed. A new building was built here and equipment was purchased. For these purposes, about 153 million rubles were allocated from the federal and republican budgets.

Construction of a new building for GBUZ RA “Giaginskaya CRH” began in 2018 and completed in 2020. Two buildings were erected: a medical and a catering unit. The progress of the project was under the personal control of the head of Adygea. The relevance of the issue is due to the fact that the building, which until recently was the hospital of the Giaginskaya Central Regional Hospital, was built in 1964 and recognized as emergency. It will now be dismantled. And the new building is now completely ready to receive patients: all conditions have been created for day and round-the-clock treatment of patients, as well as for the work of the medical staff.

Today Murat Kumpilov assessed the results of the work done. According to information the head physician of the hospital Natalia Burmistrova, all departments of the Central District Hospital will be moved to the new building. The building is designed for 60 beds for a round-the-clock and 35 beds for a day hospital.

Based on the results of his visit to the hospital, Murat Kumpilov gave the Minister of Health of the Republic Rustem Meretukov and the head physician of the Giaginsky Central Regional Hospital a number of instructions, including the restoration of the normal operation of the hospital and polyclinic, the use of high technologies, modern information systems and advanced training of medical personnel. Separate instructions concerned the improvement and landscaping of the territory adjacent to the Central Regional Hospital, the installation of fencing, as well as competent planning for the placement of pharmacies in settlements.

“Improving the quality of medical services, including the provision of medical care to the population in rural areas, is one of the priority tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Government of the Russian Federation. To effectively solve this problem, Adygea uses the tools of the national project “Health”. Within its framework, we are doing a lot to strengthen the material and technical base of healthcare institutions, and the availability of medical care. The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important is the comprehensive and qualified work of medical institutions not only in cities, but also in rural areas, ”said Murat Kumpilov.

The head of Adygea also stressed that the main factors in the treatment of people are the professionalism of doctors, attention and care for the patient. Therefore, the leadership of the Ministry of Health of the republic today is faced with the task of further improving the system of providing medical care, solving issues of staffing medical personnel and improving the quality of services provided, including in rural areas.

Special attention is paid to the healthcare sector. So, at the end of last year under the national project “Health” in the settlements of Maikop, Giaginsky, Shovgenovsky, Koshehablsky, Takhtamukaysky and Teuchezhsky districts, 23 FAPs were erected. Many of them were previously located in adapted rooms, which caused inconvenience to patients. To date, all FAPs have been commissioned. For these purposes, 86 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget.

The children’s hospital in Maykop is also celebrating a housewarming – the clinic has moved to a new building as part of the Individual Development Program of Adygea. After the grand opening of the new building, it is planned to receive 1,100 patients a day. It was possible to improve the conditions for the admission and treatment of children thanks to the implementation of the Individual program of the social and economic development of the RA. The results of the work done today were assessed by the head of Adyge Murat Kumpilov and the director of the Federal State Autonomous Institution “National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health” of the Ministry of Health of Russia Andrei Fisenko.

The head of the region stressed that the creation of new conditions for the operation of a children’s medical institution is another important step in improving the quality and availability of medical services as part of the implementation of the strategic initiatives of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the field of healthcare.

A photo: A. Gusev

The Maikop city children’s polyclinic has long demanded expansion and improvement of working conditions. Until recently, it was located on the first floor of a residential building in the Mayak microdistrict and served a large number of residents of the developing part of the city, where housing is being actively developed, and many young families live. The birth rate also increased thanks to the national project “Demography” and other support measures initiated by the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation. In this regard, the leadership of the republic decided to purchase a new building for a children’s clinic and modern medical equipment. For these purposes, 180 million rubles were allocated within the framework of the Individual program of socio-economic development of the republic.

The new multi-storey building has created comfortable conditions for the stay of young patients and the work of the medical staff. All departments of the polyclinic are distributed according to the procedure for providing medical care to children, as well as according to the principle of “lean technologies”. The polyclinic began to provide a range of medical services, some of which were previously provided in other institutions. Now the new clinic has an X-ray room, EEG (electroencephalography), REG (rheoencephalography), EMG (electromyography) rooms, as well as a vision protection room for children. There is also a feeding room for infants and a department of rehabilitation and rehabilitation treatment.

For the convenience of residents, a new building was built in the densely populated Cheryomushki microdistrict next to the new Medical Center, which was also opened last year. Thus, thanks to the Individual Program, a complex of health care institutions has been created in a residential neighborhood of the city.

“Last year, with the support of the federal center, we launched an Individual Development Program for Adygea. The Children’s Clinic is another completed project within the framework of this program. That is, today we are already seeing the results of our consistent work to improve the quality of medical care. And we are grateful to the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, our curator – the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, everyone who participated in the formation of the Individual Development Program, for supporting our initiatives that are important for the development of the region, ”said Murat Kumpilov.

He also thanked the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation and the leadership of the relevant federal agencies for their support, attention to the region and expressed hope for further effective cooperation in training personnel and introducing modern methods of treatment. In turn, Andrei Fisenko gave a positive assessment to the pediatric service of Adygea. The main result of the work is a decrease in the level of infant mortality. According to this indicator, Adygea ranks 6th in the country, significantly increasing the number of saved children’s lives per year.

To improve work in this direction, the head of Adygea instructed the leadership of the Ministry of Health of the republic and the Moscow State Technical University to consider proposals for new forms of cooperation with the National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health, including within the framework of advanced training of medical workers and teachers of the medical institute of Moscow State Technical University.

“The coronavirus pandemic has adjusted our plans, at the same time mobilized us. We made prompt decisions, opened infectious diseases hospitals, implemented the necessary measures to reduce the number of cases, purchased new equipment and medicines. Significant funds from the federal and republican treasury, extra-budgetary sources were spent on these and other measures to support the population. But our efforts to improve the health care system will be effective only with the help of health workers, ”said Murat Kumpilov.

In the course of communication with the medical staff of the polyclinic, the head of Adygea recommended to be attentive to patients, which is a key factor in improving medical care. Nuria Shvetsova, the chief physician of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Republic of Adygea, “Maikop City Children’s Polyclinic”, thanked the leadership of the republic and the Ministry of Health for the conditions created that would improve the quality of medical care for children. If earlier the pediatric service worked in 3 shifts, then in the new department 2 shifts will be organized.

Murat Kumpilov stressed that work on the development of the health care system in the region will continue both within the framework of the Individual program, the national project “Health”, and other programs. This is especially true for the pediatric service. In particular, a regional project “Development of children’s health care, including the creation of a modern infrastructure for providing medical care to children” is operating in the republic. In addition, last year, within the framework of the Children’s Health Care program, medical equipment was purchased and comfortable conditions were created in the children’s outpatient departments of the republic. In total, about 50 million rubles were allocated for these purposes.

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