Jun 30, 2020
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Incredible statuses about fabulous December

Beautiful statuses about December — for those who are not afraid to freeze this winter. Instead, let us fill our life a fairy tale!

Snow is a miracle, when it is in Decembersnow in December

  1. If you think that summer will come soon, so it is. And no matter when you think so.
  2. Better New year, perhaps, maybe just the anticipation of it.
  3. Before the New year harder to hear songs you never heard before and movies that you watched.
  4. December is when it all little by little start to believe in a fairy tale.
  5. Leave all the hardships in the past year. A banal thought, but it helps!
  6. As already wants to go to the front door, to feel the warmth and smell of home cooked dinner...
  7. December — time to flaunt a new jacket.
  8. Sorry if me last year? Yes, a little. But I know that next to me, waiting for something better.
  9. And for me December is the month when you did not come to an end.
  10. The one who doesn't wears a hat or pribatsannye, or a teenager. Or both at the same time.

December is glitter on the Windowsthe snow on the Windows machine

Don't be sad if something you can not. Distractions will help statuses about Dec with meaning.

  1. They say that fairy tales are only for children. But not in December...
  2. Almost none of us like winter. But who would dare not love December?!
  3. December in real — time when all the streets and shops are decorated with long, and many homes there's a Christmas tree!
  4. The end of the year is good, but not for the student!
  5. You don't have to think about someone turning around in a blanket. You have someone wrapped in this blanket!
  6. December is finally over when the sad days of November without leaves, snow, and hope for the best.
  7. What do you care, cold or not cold in December, if the house has heating?!
  8. The fact that the street is December, still does not mean that the room can not fly, flies.
  9. December subtly hinted to me that life needs to start with white-white sheet.
  10. I was unable to survive in December, think of warm summer days...
  11. The snow has gone. I imagine in the evening we will walk on the fabulous snow-covered city of... Class!

The main thing — not zamerzla. And everything else will follow!the girl in December enjoys the snow

Funny statuses about December suitable even for those who have long does not believe in miracles. We all know that it is not necessary to wait for something in vain, you need to create your own miracle. With his own hands.

  1. December is the time when long time to luxuriate in bed may be the only one who doesn't have a car...
  2. Work you need to have a December day you could go anywhere and not go at all.
  3. Holy the man who came up with a warm laptop charger...
  4. — How is the weather? Well, happy one. The fact that we have no fridge — not such a problem.
  5. Dad mom is the fact that it can happy to sculpt a snowman!
  6. I work as a deceiver. Dressed in Santa Claus for the New year.
  7. If the woman decided to be beautiful, that is, nylon pantyhose, it does not mean that the Dec outside the window to stop it!
  8. I feel sorry for the birds who freeze outside the window. And you're not. Even if you are also going to be cold outside.
  9. December... the time when the wife starts to nag more and then that she had no coats.
  10. Want to have your feet lay men? Become a puddle in the ice.
  11. Briefly about the heat in my house: that's my home down jacket. Over it I wear an apron.

If not sweet the winter, watch her from the windowthe view from the window in December

If you love the month of purchase of the Christmas tree and eating the Mandarin, you can't miss these phrases. Be sure to share with your friends statuses about December in verse.

  1. Today I'm cold, I'm freezing. Without your affection, my dear, disappear.
  2. I do not believe in miracles, I do not need it. I only need cute was there.
  3. December frost, I was not discouraged. I'm on a New year you expected.
  4. Frost on the trees, frost on the glass. You go away for a little bit, for a while.
  5. The snow swirled, all cracked, bedtime stories they'd whisper. I fell asleep and in the morning — the tale outside the window as if.
  6. Before New year we were greeted with crackers, lights. And now you naively as not buy Coca-Cola.
  7. I do not want to be beautiful. I want to be loved. I don't want fur coats, diamonds. No love, no passion.
  8. Winter should be with the snow, so we learned what cold and snow, like a fairy tale to us knocking on the door!

Just a little bit- and the New yeartree decorated with toys for the new year

Short statuses about December can be very different. The main thing — to match what is happening in your soul.

  1. To the winter was hot, you need to look for the right people!
  2. The main thing — that in your eyes wasn't cold.
  3. New year comes but once a year, and the New year with snow — Oh, how rarely.
  4. December — a time when you have a lot of things to finish then to start all over again.
  5. Dec. And I do not care, but it was not raining.
  6. 12th month — it's any time the purchase of alcohol...
  7. Little girls waiting for Santa Claus, adult guys.
  8. All that is beautiful has flaws, as the snow is yellow.
  9. December is the month when you can save on the rink.
  10. Not everyone believes in miracles, but waiting for the first snow.
  11. December — time to buy vodka to supposedly keep warm...
  12. To Wake up in the morning and see white outside the window — priceless!
  13. Goodbye autumn, Hello Dec with icicles!
  14. December is a priceless time when winter is not yet tired.

To set the status about December — it means even more to speed up the approach of the New year. Have a good mood!

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