Jun 2, 2022
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Incredible Banana Facts

Incredible Banana Facts

The health benefits of bananas are undeniable. This tropical fruit is rich in nutrients that can improve your health on many levels.

Below we present ten interesting facts about bananas that you have probably never heard before.

  • If you’re heading to the gym, two bananas can give you enough energy to get through a 90 minute workout.
  • Bananas are rich in a protein called tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin in the body. Boosting your serotonin levels can successfully fight depression and boost your mood.
  • Bananas are also full of vitamin B6, which is especially helpful in regulating blood glucose levels.
  • Vitamin B6 effectively reduces stress. Stress can be either from work or from your personal life.
  • High in potassium and low in sodium, this tropical fruit is extremely effective in treating high blood pressure.
  • Bananas have a natural neutralizing effect on the human body, making them extremely beneficial for soothing heartburn.
  • Rich in fiber, bananas can successfully replace laxatives and regulate bowel movements.
  • Bananas are also beneficial for focus and attention due to their high potassium content. That is why it is highly recommended to eat bananas while preparing for exams.
  • Bananas are a great hangover cure.
  • Banana peels can also be very helpful. On the one hand, they relieve itching and promote faster healing of mosquito bites. Just apply some on the affected areas of the skin.
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