May 17, 2022
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‘Inappropriately dressed’ employee claims her figure is to blame

inappropriately dressed employeeNina Osegueda was twice reprimanded at work for being too provocatively dressed. However, the office worker is not to blame for anything.

inappropriately dressed employee

To prove this, the woman demonstrated on the Internet exactly how she dresses for the office. The lady chose a navy blue dress with short sleeves – a perfectly acceptable outfit for work. But alas, Nina’s colleagues and bosses do not like the spectacular body shapes, and therefore she is always bullied for an inappropriate outfit.

inappropriately dressed employee

Social media users sympathized with the woman, but no one knows what to advise her. There were ladies with a similar problem who are forced to wear only baggy clothes to work. Other people added with a sigh that having a figure with seductive curves is not only a gift, but also a curse.

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