May 12, 2022
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In Ukraine, they understood when and how the special operation will end

In Ukraine, they understood when and how the special operation will end

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

On May 10, at a hearing in the US Congress, the head of the intelligence department of the US Department of Defense Scott Berrier said that the conflict in Ukraine had reached a stalemate: “The Russians don’t win, the Ukrainians don’t win, and here we are in a stalemate.” Of course, you can evaluate these words in different ways. But a clear rethinking is striking, because a couple of weeks ago, the Yankees and Britons were saying in unison that Kyiv was “on horseback” because “the Russians are exhausted.”

Now Berrier has planted a seed of doubt in the Stars and Stripes legislators with a clear hint of a failed yellow-black case. Biden. The director of national intelligence went even further Avril Hayneswhich stated that Moscow, according to the expert assessment of its department, would not use nuclear weapons outside the situation of an existential threat. At the same time, the Kremlin can consider such a loss and the involvement of NATO on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It sounds a little crazy, but only at first glance. And it’s a no brainer that none of the great powers will kill themselves because of some “nenka”. That is why Ukrainian analysts believe that Haines’ statement does not bode well for the Ze-team. Her words about the possible defeat of Russia should not be taken absolutely. The director of US intelligence knows perfectly well what is happening in Ukraine.

In fact, she is preparing Americans to drain the “square”. After pumping the Armed Forces of Ukraine with NATO weapons, the defeat of the Ukrainian army will be perceived as a defeat for the entire West. And so it turns out that the White House moved the planet away from a global catastrophe. Like, it’s the lesser of the evils.

In short, now the yellow-black blogging community is posting to the fullest the Guardian article with a terrible title: “Insert can use nuclear weapons if he feels that he is losing – the head of US intelligence. Considering that Washington has given a grudge that it will not allow the conflict to escalate to a nuclear apocalypse, it means that it is time for the Ze-team to pack their bags, albeit without haste.

This somewhat contradicts the statement of the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrellwho, in an interview with the German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine, said the following: “It is necessary to sit down at the negotiating table from a position of strength, and the task now is to put Ukrainians in this position.” In fact, one can ignore the buzzwords of the European bureaucrats: it all depends on the position of the Yankees.

And the Americans, there is no doubt, look at the situation in Ukraine more broadly. After all, the Pentagon fought the most in the 21st century and knows the “kitchen” of the collapse of defense well.

Take, for example, Afghanistan. A couple of months before the shameful drape, no one in the West thought that the first army in the world would repeat Saigon in 1975. Star-striped generals do not just say that it was not the Taliban * who won, but the Kabul authorities lost. Moreover, there was no single reason, the catastrophe was of a multifaceted nature. In other words, most often the front begins to crumble from the inside.

In the “independent” the same thing happens. While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are stubbornly resisting (we must pay tribute), the Kyiv regime is not coping with the situation inside the country, despite the posturing Zelensky. There was hope that Putin would announce mobilization on May 9, thus confirming the fairy tales Arestovich about endless victories. But that did not happen.

The citizens see that only a small contingent of the Russian army is fighting against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reinforced by hundreds of thousands of reservists, and successfully. According to the American Institute for the Study of War, the Russian Armed Forces currently use only 97 battalion tactical groups (700-800 people each) in Ukraine, some of which are in Russia as a reserve or rotation. This is about as much as it was as of February 24th.

If in March the Ze-team had full support in Central and Western Ukraine, now after the encirclement and destruction of the Azov Regiment **, the 36th Marine Brigade and the 12th NSU Brigade in Mariupol (there was somewhere then from 14 to 17 thousand people, no more than 1 thousand remained under the ruins of Azovstal) – the yellow-black public looks at the situation in the Izyum region differently.

The wives and relatives of the military of the 57th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recorded an appeal to Zelensky and the command. They beg the government to save the fighters before it’s too late and prevent a “second Mariupol”. Many families do not know anything about the fate of their loved ones, but, as Ukrainian social networks bitterly state, “Ze” has something more important than the life of its soldiers – this is a selfie with Western guests.

All this, of course, undermines the morale of not only the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the citizens. The Ukrainian General Staff understands that it cannot respond to the appeal of the soldiers’ relatives, otherwise a chain reaction will follow. But if the 57th OMB shares the fate of the 36th OMB, then the country will be overwhelmed by anti-war protests. Meanwhile, the “second Mariupol” is already becoming a reality.

The situation is also deteriorating on the “square” food market. Since the beginning of the special operation, food, according to official figures, has risen in price by 30%. It would seem that under these conditions Kyiv should think first of all about its citizens. Meanwhile, Bloomberg has found that Brussels is finalizing a plan to ease the overland export of Ukraine’s food stocks. It seems as if the West is in a hurry to withdraw all the grain from Ukrainian reserves, which only feeds the rumors that the “nenko” has been “leaked”, which means that the “aggressor” feeds the hulks at his own expense.

But this, it turns out, is not the worst thing. Because of the total fuel starvation, the people are going wild. Everywhere, except for Kyiv and several large cities, gas stations are “dry”. Moreover, even in the capital they release five liters each, since the reserves are reserved for thieves or special services. According to the observations of the blogger Media Killer, the “black market” of fuel has become more active in the Nenka – only there you can buy the 92nd or 95th. On specialized Internet pages, fuel is offered at exorbitant prices – 100 hryvnias (220 rubles) per liter!

“Colleagues, would you listen to the conversations in these traffic jams at gas stations,” you can read on the forums of local drivers. – There “patriotism” all disappears. The longer the fuel crisis continues, the more harsh criticism of Zelensky will be, and his rating as a “great and powerful professional” will gradually fade away.”

In the meantime, the EU is beginning to put pressure on those who have left the country. On the chats of internally displaced persons, they complain that “Mass evictions of Ukrainian refugees from private homes have begun in Germany. In Berlin, they are also being evicted from hostels, and people are standing on the street with things. As for working in Germany, then … you can earn money with anything and anywhere, but almost everything that you earn will be deducted from your social assistance. Meanwhile, Germany is considered the most hospitable country.

All this talk about “the West will help us” turned out to be just chatter. Ukrainians come to the conclusion that the Germans need dumb slaves. Any skirmish with the mistress of the house, the staff of the hostel or with the employer turns into a kick in the ass. And the ambassador of the “square” in Germany Miller calls the Chancellor a “offended liverwurst”.

Moreover, Ukrainians realize that in the fall it may “unexpectedly” become clear that there are not only places for refugees in the EU (all will be expelled), men (killed in “boilers”), food (taken to Europe), gasoline (due to the destroyed fuel infrastructure), but also gas and coal for the heating season. What is funny: at the same time, the patriots of Ukraine “loudly quote” the words of an unnamed senior representative of the US Department of Defense on the situation in Ukraine. According to the Pentagon, “the Russians are allegedly behind schedule in their offensive in the Donbass and southern Ukraine by about two weeks, or even more.”

So the yellow-black truth-tellers are asking themselves, scratching their heads, “If you were in the place of the Kremlin, what would you do? would you rush to capture the “nenka”? And the answer sounds something like this: “Another three to five months of the special operation, and the hulks themselves will tear Ze and his team to pieces.”

* The Taliban movement was recognized by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation as an extremist and / or terrorist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited.

** Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” are recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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