May 1, 2021
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In Ukraine, they thanked the fascists for "victory and life"

By May 9, the Ukrainian deputy posted a billboard with Nazi soldiers and gratitude for “victory and life.”

In Ukraine, they thanked the Nazi soldiers for “victory and life.” A billboard of appropriate content was posted on one of the streets of Zhitomir by Ukrainian deputy Konstantin Cherpitsky.

This is a banner for the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. It depicts Hitler’s soldiers going on the offensive. The ribbon of the Ukrainian flag flaunts under them. Nearby there is a huge inscription in Ukrainian: “Thank you for the victory! Thank you for your life!”

On one of the streets of Zhitomir, a billboard was installed with the Ukrainian deputy Konstantin Cherpitsky, where he thanks the Nazi soldiers, marching under the Ukrainian flag, for the victory and life,

– comments on the Telegram channel “Release the Kraken!”

Residents of the Ukrainian city also noticed the “original” design of the billboard. The parliamentarian was criticized on social networks for not knowing history.

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