Oct 10, 2021
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In Ukraine, they started talking about the dangerous prospects of joining the EU

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Many internal problems have to be resolved before becoming a member of the Independent.

Ukrainian diplomat Volodymyr Tsybulnik, who previously served as Charge d’Affaires of the country in Bosnia and Herzegovina, assured that Nezalezhnaya’s accession to the European Union could be dangerous.

Thus, the diplomat noted that Kiev chose the wrong tactics, deciding to focus on Georgia and Moldova, which also want to become a member of the EU. Close cooperation between Ukraine and these countries can affect the European prospects of the country.

As an alternative, Tsybulnik suggested that the government quickly start improving the economic well-being of Ukraine. In his article for the “Mirror of the Week”, the diplomat noted that if Nezalezhnaya really wants to get membership in the European Union, then it is necessary to implement those reforms, without which accession is impossible in principle.

But even in this case, the situation remains very vague, since in the association itself there is no consensus on the need for expansion and admission of new members. Moreover, the former European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and EU Enlargement Johannes Hahn has already said that Ukraine’s admission to the union in the near future is impossible.

In Kiev, by the way, they adhere to a similar point of view. Evaluating the prospects for joining the European Union, Ukraine has assumed that this will happen “God knows when.”

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