Apr 4, 2021
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In Ukraine, announced the development of a new ammunition for dropping from a UAV

The Ukrainian plant “Mayak” is engaged in the design of the RKG-1600 unguided cumulative ammunition.

The new projectile, designed to be dropped from oversized drones, will soon undergo state tests. Engineers have already created a training and simulation version of the HI-RKG-1600 with the assistance of the military unit A2724 “Aerorazvedka” – a sample developed for training pilots of attack unmanned aerial vehicles. Photos have already hit the web.

Looking closely at the pictures, you can see the similarity of the shell of the ammunition with the Soviet directional anti-tank grenade RKG-3.

Earlier it was reported that the domestic mortar “Hammer” was modernized in Ukraine. The designers replaced the metal components and equipped the gun with reinforced shock absorbers.

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