Jun 17, 2022
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In Ukraine, 1956 mercenaries have already been eliminated during the NWO

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation presented data on the “headless horsemen”

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports:

Against the background of the growing number of military failures of the Kyiv regime and massive daily losses in manpower and equipment, the flow of foreign mercenaries to Ukraine has not only decreased, but is actually turning in the opposite direction.

– Despite the efforts of the Kyiv regime and the increase in payments, the process of departure of mercenaries to the “other” world or back to their countries of residence cannot be stopped by the Kyiv leadership. The recent empty claims about “20,000” foreigners “fighting” against the Russian armed forces are just plain lies.

– As we have already noted, the Russian Ministry of Defense monitors and records the stay in Ukraine of each representative of this international gathering of “headless horsemen”. Moreover, our databases now include not only mercenaries directly involved in hostilities as part of Ukrainian units. We also take into account the instructors who arrived to train, assist in the operation and repair of Western weapons supplied to Ukraine.

– So, among European countries, the undisputed leader in the number of both arrived and dead mercenaries is Poland. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 1831 people have arrived in Ukraine, of which 378 have already been destroyed and 272 mercenaries have left for their homeland. It is followed by Romania – 504 arrived, 102 dead, 98 left. In third place is the UK: 422 arrivals, 101 deaths, 95 departures. From the American continent, Canada is in the lead: 601 arrived, 162 destroyed, 169 left. In second place is the United States: 530 arrived, 214 died, 227 left.

– From the Middle East, Transcaucasia and Asia, most of all, 355 mercenaries, arrived from Georgia, of which 120 were destroyed and 90 left Ukraine. This is followed by militants of terrorist groups deployed from US-controlled areas of the Syrian Trans-Euphrates – 200 people. To date, 80 of them have been destroyed and 66 have left Ukraine.

– In total, our lists as of June 17, 2022 include mercenaries and weapons specialists from 64 countries. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 6956 people arrived in Ukraine, 1956 have already been destroyed, 1779 have left.

Top photo: Britons Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner sentenced to death in the DPR

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