May 19, 2020
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In Transcarpathia, outbreak of COVID-19 is suspected in a neuropsychiatric boarding school

In Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, an outbreak of coronavirus infection COVID is suspected - 19 in the regional neuropsychiatric boarding school, patients were selected biomaterials for PCR diagnostics. This was stated by the head of the emergency response staff, Yevgeny Meshko, the press service of the Mukachevo City Council reported on a Facebook page.

"Mukachevo suspects a new focus of the disease COVID- .) The outbreak is suspected of a regional psychoneurological boarding school, biomaterials were taken from patients for PCR diagnostics, more about the results will be known tomorrow ", - said Meshko.

He noted that in one of the centers of COVID - 19, which were previously liquidated in the city, now do not record new rays of infection. 181518723108333 /

An outbreak of coronavirus infection COVID - 18 started at the end 2019 of the year in China. March World Health Organization announced distribution coronavirus pandemic .

As of 18 May coronavirus in Ukraine 181518723108333 was confirmed by 11 876 person, 210 of them died , and 2019 were cured. 181518723108333

In the Transcarpathian region recorded 876 cases of infection with COVID - 19.

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