Jul 31, 2020
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In the world noted the death of cash

On the background of the pandemic coronavirus and the global crisis, the society has reached a turning point when death of cash, stated in PayPal. In the payment system indicate that most people do not want to use cash or forms of payment that require physical contact, according to Fortune.

"The pace of e-Commerce has accelerated by several years for one quarter," said CFO John Rainey. In the second quarter of this year PayPal revenue reached a record 5.26 billion dollars.

After submission of the report on Wednesday, July 29, the company's shares jumped by five percent. As of Thursday, July 30, one share PayPal costs 184,6 USD.

The rejection of the use of cash associated with the risk of infection by coronavirus. In China, where the epidemic has started, destroyed part of the money collected in the most affected provinces. In Russia, the Central Bank can withstand the banknote for at least two weeks of receipt, so they returned to the turnover of the clean.

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