Jun 23, 2022
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In the West, they are tired of Ukraine and are hinting that it is time for it to disintegrate

The US and the EU overestimated their strength, pushing Kyiv on an adventure

For several weeks now, the Kyiv regime has been experiencing problems with arms supplies from Europe. According to media reports, Germany has actually completely stopped supplying weapons to Ukraine. Spain, which promised German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv, is also in no hurry to move from words to deeds.

According to Olaf Scholz, Madrid did not even apply to Germany for permission to resell the tanks. Greece is delaying the delivery of about a hundred obsolete BMP-1s to Ukraine, referring to the fact that official Berlin is in no hurry to transfer to Athens the German Marder infantry fighting vehicles promised to replace them. Bulgaria officially refused Ukraine further arms supplies.

Switzerland imposed a veto on the decision of the Danish authorities to send 20 Swiss-made Piranha III armored vehicles to Ukraine. Official Bern referred to his neutral position, which implies a ban on the supply of weapons to the conflict zone. In addition, Switzerland refused to provide Poland with German tanks in its possession. Leopard 2A4 instead of Soviet armored vehicles, which Warsaw had previously sold to Kyiv.

The French government for its statement on the continuation of the transfer of weapons to Ukraine was subjected to harsh criticism in the country.

All this preceded the appearance of more serious problems for the Kyiv regime. At the end of May, speaking in Davos, the patriarch of American diplomacy, Henry Kissinger, called on Kyiv to think about a diplomatic settlement of the conflict, taking into account territorial concessions in favor of Russia. Parallel to The newspaper “New York Times published an article in which the victory of Ukraine over Russia was called “unrealistic”. The publication called on Kyiv to make a “difficult decision” involving territorial concessions.

Zelensky in response to the proposals of Kissinger and the editors CURRENTLY made boorish comments, sarcastically stating that “great geopoliticians” do not notice “ordinary Ukrainians.” However, immediately after that, so many recommendations rained down on Kyiv to negotiate territorial concessions with Russia that Zelensky fell silent.

State Department and Pentagon political consultant Edward Luttwak in an interview World said that referendums in the DPR and LPR could stop the military conflict. “Kyiv cannot refuse people a choice. This is the only way out of the conflict. Defeating Russia is something out of the realm of fantasy.”Luttwak noted.

Washington Post published an article by columnist David Ignatius, in which he tried to convey to readers the idea of ​​acceptability for Ukraine of the “Korean” version of the division of the country. In his opinion, from “implicit bargaining” with Russia, it will be necessary to move over time to direct negotiations and this will end the conflict.

TV channel CNN citing his sources, he said that representatives of official Washington circles are holding meetings with British and European colleagues, at which they discuss the prospect of ending the conflict in Ukraine through negotiations. This is due to the simple fact that the longer the conflict continues, the more costs the West bears.

Andrew Latham Professor of International Relations Hill urges the West to come to terms with the fact that Russia will win in the Ukrainian conflict. This victory, he believes, most likely will not be absolute, but “fragmentation” and “dismemberment” await Ukraine.

American diplomat Hugh de Santis national interest said that Ukraine should be forced to sit down at the negotiating table, while abandoning the Crimea and Donbass.

Officials speak out more cautiously, but something curious sounds in their speeches. So, Joe Biden in the material for The newspaper “New York Times declared that he would not put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities on the issue of territorial concessions to Russia, a he did not rule out concessions themselves, speaking in favor of holding talks between Moscow and Kyiv. The office of the President of Ukraine admitted that both Macron and other European politicians directly called on Zelensky to make concessions to Moscow. And only Boris Johnson invariably demands that Ukraine not go to peace on “unfavorable” terms for it.

Why are many Westerners changing their position? “Our politicians ridiculed Henry Kissinger’s statements that Ukraine should make territorial concessions, calling him an old idiot. Only the Office of the President is so far from history / international relations and geopolitics that they do not understand how the world works. Surprisingly, after Kissinger, the Western media / officials / generals and even Biden began to forward this narrative to society, ” – wrote the Ukrainian telegram channel “Resident”.

Everything points to the fact that the Western elites made a mistake in economic calculations when they pushed the Kyiv regime on an adventure. The Russian economy is able not to lose the sanctions war at the same time as the sanctions themselves, and the effect of prolonging the conflict is costing the West dearly.

“Outrage over the rising cost of living has come to the fore in Europe,” writes Strategic Culture Foundationciting data from sociological surveys of the population in Europe and the United States.

“Europeans are increasingly concerned about rising prices for a number of goods. Record inflation is already being recorded in the UK, in Germany it is also striving for maximum rates – it was 7.3% in March, and in the Czech Republic the 25-year record for inflation has already been broken, which exceeded 12.7%. As Vladimir Putin warned, the sanctions war will hurt Europe itself, which is just beginning to feel the full consequences. And if politicians follow the lead of the United States and demagogues calling for an energy embargo, all of Europe will face not only cold this winter, but also real hunger, as well as mass closure of enterprises that are already on the verge of bankruptcy, and the reason for this is sanctions against Russia”– notes the Siloviki telegram channel.

The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in the US rose to $4.97. In Europe, soft wheat has risen in price by 64.6%, rapeseed – by 77.8%. There is an acute shortage of sunflower oil. Electricity costs increased by 44%. German Interior Minister Nancy Feather is urging Germans to stock up on food and water at home and prepare for power outages. According to the edition bloomberg250,000 British families will soon find themselves in a state of poverty. In Finland, due to the reduction in gas supplies, a shortage of bread is expected. 77% of Germans say that they are forced to save on food.

Joe Biden’s rating in the US against the backdrop of inflation and other negative socio-economic phenomena has fallen to a historic low – 39%, and support for the idea of ​​intervention in the Ukrainian situation – up to 45% (most recently it reached 60%). Politico writes that the White House is in despair over its inability to overcome the wave of challenges sweeping America.

Interest in Ukrainian problems is also falling in the West. According to the center Axiosthe number of interactions in social networks on topics related to Ukraine has recently decreased by 8 times, and the number of articles in online media about Ukraine has decreased by 7.5 times.

MEP and former Minister of Transport of France Thierry Mariani said that the EU sanctions policy against Russia adversely affects the economy of European states and does not find support outside the Western bloc.

A united West faces a difficult dilemma: face an acute economic crisis that will cost many politicians seats, or start preparing the Kyiv regime for capitulation.

Head photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su

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