Apr 30, 2021
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In the West, there is only talk about Boshirov and Petrov

#PetrovBoshirov. First episode

“It’s good that the Archduke
Ferdinand until we killed,
but, apparently, this is coming “

S. Lavrov

In European countries, a new folk game has emerged, similar to those in which the widest circle of participants can be easily involved. Everyone knows these games well. These are “Attach the tail to the donkey”, and “Knock the cat out of the barrel”, and many others. The main difference between the new game is that its main characters are people, more precisely, the heroes of the newest mystical British epic in the style of “high-ly-like”, as well as secret service agents Boshirov and Petrov. The meaning of the game is to search for events that, well, could not have happened without the participation of these two fellows.

At first, this game seemed very difficult to us. Natural seriousness and deep education clearly interfered with finding the necessary connections. But when we discarded unnecessary stereotypes, boundless horizons opened up. Judge for yourself…

We invite everyone to participate in this game. Send your ready-made collages or ideas for their creation to our address by e-mail ([email protected]). The best works will be published within the framework of the competition, the winners of which will be determined by the voting of our readers.

(To be continued)

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