Aug 17, 2022
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In the USA, they explained why sabotage in the Crimea is the agony of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the photo: smoke from an explosion on the territory of a temporary ammunition storage site of one of the military units near the village of Maiskoye, Dzhankoysky district, Crimea.  As a result of the fire, the stored ammunition detonated.

In the photo: smoke from an explosion on the territory of a temporary ammunition storage site of one of the military units near the village of Maiskoye, Dzhankoysky district, Crimea. As a result of the fire, the stored ammunition detonated. (Photo: Sergey Malgavko/TASS)

At six in the morning on August 16 local time, the third transformer caught fire at the 330 kV Dzhankoy substation in the north of Crimea. Then, and quickly, independent Internet resources began to talk about an even louder “overcome”, such as “a military depot in the Crimea blew up.”

Advisor Zelensky Podolyak one of the first in Nenko commented on Facebook * this incident. According to him, “the morning near Dzhankoy began with explosions,” since this is in the interests of the current Kyiv regime. Like, if you want a peaceful Black Sea – surrender to the mercy of the zahisniks of independence.

The main talker of the Ze-team spoke in the same spirit Lyuska Arestovich. He tweeted: “HIMARS + partisans are the guarantee of hospitality in the south of Ukraine.” Then Ze-Goebbels suffered nonsense, which a normal person simply cannot bear. There is no point in even quoting nonsense, but one should take note of his threats. The Kyiv regime intends to continue to surreptitiously shit on Russian Tauris.

Our Ministry of Defense, by the way, officially announced that the cause of the detonation of ammunition in the Dzhankoy region of Crimea was sabotage. Moreover, what is important, probably for the first time, many Russian telegram channels separately noticed that one should not be ashamed of these explosions and hush them up. Not only are we dealing with a motivated and intelligent enemy, in fact, with his own mirror image on the other side of the barricade, but the entire North Atlantic military bloc is standing behind him.

Let’s add on our own: there is nothing good in the activation of saboteurs in Tauris. The consequences are indeed severe, including for the holiday season. But the experience of other countries that have faced similar threats shows that it will take time to really counter the “arrestovich partisans”, while total raids and repressions, on the contrary, will have the opposite effect.

In other words, you can’t put an FSB officer on every Crimean or refugee, and getting into a secret enemy network is not as easy as the couch troops imagine.

By the way, in Israel, for example, Mossad agents sometimes deliberately weakened the security of ammunition depots so that Palestinian militants attacked military installations, and not civilians in cities. Say, the barmaleys, like the local Zelya or Arestovich, need their own victories – let them make fun of the little ones, but at the same time they will light up.

Meanwhile, independent bloggers, according to their insiders in Tavrida, scribble that “in Crimea, the anti-terrorist campaign is now being stepped up due to the activation of Ukrainian DRGs.” It is no secret that the SBU and the GUR sent saboteurs from Ukraine under the guise of refugees onto the peninsula. But the Russians did not organize a tough filtering, realizing that they would offend hundreds of thousands of compatriots who see their homeland in Russia.

This practice, we repeat, has costs, and heavy ones. Surely, accusations against our special services will begin or are already underway, they say, they have relaxed. Some of the jingoists are even wondering where the promised strikes on decision-making centers are?

Well, yes, of course, you can bombard Bankovaya with a “Dagger”, but Zelya will most likely survive, but several thousand Kyivans will immediately enroll in the volunteers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, for them it is a shrine. Yes, and what is the use of the death of a clown for Moscow, especially since his own people will sooner or later bang. We repeat, such reasoning, which is not devoid of common sense, can be read in ukrnet.

But sources close to the top of the SBU claim that “clerical” and “boots” (officers of the Security Service of Ukraine) have nothing to do with Novofedorovka or Dzhankoy. Say, if these operations were developed in the Central Administration, which is located in Kyiv on the street. Volodimirska, 33, then the FSB would have figured out the Crimean saboteurs long ago.

“In Kherson, until recently, there were also many such cases, then specialists arrived and within a month they caught (liquidated) about 30 DRGs,” you can read on Ukrainian forums. Say, all because their lists were in the SBU.

This means that “sleeping cells” of foreign intelligence agencies, most likely the British intelligence service MI-6 and the American CIA, are behind the attacks on the Crimean facilities, according to the Zhovto-Blakyt expert community, or rather, in that part of it that calls itself the last adequate of Nenko.

The British and Americans secretly recruited saboteurs from the corrupt masses and did not notify at first Poroshenkoand then the Ze-team. In short, the natives do not need to know anything about the affairs of white people. So if the Russians are to be responsible for Novofedorovka or for Dzhanka, then only with “Dagger” strikes at objects in Foggy Albion, best of all at the well-known building at Vauxhall Cross, 85.

However, it is possible that the saboteurs really acted on the direct orders of Bankova. The fact is that the Kyiv regime is trying to kill the Donbass zashkvar ahead of time, since there are few doubts in the Ukrainian capital that the DPR will be liberated. Moreover, sooner or later, the allied forces will approach the Ukrainian capital.

The media workers of the OP daily send temniks to their LOMs (leaders of public opinion) and editors-in-chief of the jingoistic media with the requirement to write and speak only about non-existent gains in order to whip up a positive wave in a depressive country. True, how to do this, if only bad news for the citizens comes from the fronts, the question is, of course, an interesting one.

The morale of the defenders of independence is already below the plinth, and the rear is drying up from longing for the world at any cost. This means that the worse it is on the fronts, the more often sabotage will be committed in the Crimea or even in mainland Russia. It is, in fact, about the agony of the Kyiv regime.

By the way, even at the very beginning of the special operation Brian Petita U.S. Army colonel and a “resistance” pro, stated, “Once the army (APU) is defeated, there will be pre-planned civil resistance by the Yankees and Brits. Guerrilla warfare will impose costs on the occupiers, prevent the enemy from consolidating gains, and create the time and space needed to gain outside support for liberation.”

According to him, many of the “partisans” are well prepared to destroy the enemy. These are professional snipers, saboteurs, hacktivists (from the words “hacker” and “activist”), urban killers (for killing policemen and politicians), as well as miners. These people are trained in conspiracy and carefully classified. They are entrusted with the main task of “Afghanization” of Ukraine. And for this they are promised big money.

Again, we have a very insidious and dangerous enemy. Sooner or later, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be defeated, but the fight against the Nazis and the West that patronizes them will not end on the battlefield.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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