Jan 25, 2021
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In the USA “private persons” got the right to steer

Recent events in the United States have confirmed that the country is not ruled by the president or even Congress with the Senate at the ready. Real power belongs to “private individuals” who only allow to create the appearance of supremacy, for example, the new American President Joe Biden. The problem of the power of “private companies” was discussed today in the Public Chamber of Russia within the framework of the round table “Blocking cannot be pardoned.”

Ekaterina Mizulina, Executive Director of the National Center for Missing and Affected Children, head of the League for Safe Internet, member of the Public Chamber of Russia, stressed in her report that international IT companies have ceased to hide their intentions to influence the decisions of states.

Today we see how corporations with turnovers above the GDP of some countries are already openly dictating their will to the largest and richest states on the planet. What happened to US President Donald Trump shows once again that American IT platforms feel like masters on the Web. And their rejection of their own idea is obvious – they say, there is a certain separate world “online” and the same separate world “offline”. Today we see that this is not the case, and entire states depend on the decisions of individuals, private companies, – said Ekaterina Mizulina.

In the meantime, there is no real fight against the spread of destructive information on social networks. Fighting dangerous content is not supposed to be the goal of corporations. The main thing is to influence political decisions. But do individuals have the right to do so? Hardly … After all, they also limit the freedom of speech of citizens.

“The very fact that a CEO or a simple employee of a certain IT company can turn off the microphone of a US president – a seemingly unattainable political figure for the whole world, is surprising. Moreover, there were no additional checks and reasonable explanations. This causes colossal bewilderment not only within Russia, but throughout the world. This is another confirmation of the power of these platforms and proof of the deep weakness of the organization of the life of the entire world community in the digital world. These events have shown that one cannot sit back and rely on goodwill, skillful interpretation of the law by IT platforms. We must define clear rules of the game and organize the digital space so that there are rights, obligations and guarantees for the safety of citizens “, – said Ekaterina Mizulina.

What is it to us? Let them block in the USA …

Why are the lockdown events in the United States so important to Russia? For example, because the American corporation Google is doing everything possible to gain leverage in our country. The tool, among other things, was the YouTube platform, where the right to speak is provided only to the right users. And those who are patriotic towards Russia and simply express a different point of view, unpleasant to Google, are blocked. So the Constantinople channel on YouTube was blocked. When the channel reached millionaire status and apparently gained more impact on the audience, YouTube eliminated all of our content. “First Russian” resolves the dispute with Google in court. And the behavior of the representatives of the corporation shows that there is every chance of winning. The fact is that the defenders of Google at one of the meetings simply fled so as not to receive a summons for the next meeting.

“They said that the consideration of the claim is outside the jurisdiction of the Russian court. Because Google does not have a contractual relationship with the Tsargrad TV channel,” explained Konstantin Malofeev, the founder of the First Russian. “But the court ruled that Google is obliged to comply with Russian laws within the framework of agreements concluded with users. Internet agreements. The representative of Roskomnadzor in the trial supported all claims of Constantinople to unblock the channel in full. ”

In fact, Google makes money in Russia, but refuses to obey the laws of our country. Surprisingly, there were no effective tools to combat such a policy. Therefore, a law was developed that makes it possible to block Internet platforms that allow censorship of Russian users. So, blocking YouTube has ceased to be a myth – the service is one step away from such a measure, of course, if it does not start working according to the laws of Russia.

If we go to the language of lawyers, the essence of the bill is summarized by the portal

According to the text of the amendments signed by the president, Roskomnadzor will be able to completely block Internet resources if they “restrict access to socially important information on the basis of nationality, language or in connection with the imposition of sanctions against Russia or its citizens.” Partial blocking of specific resource pages is also acceptable, as well as slowing down access to them. The document introduces the status of the owner of an information resource that discriminates against the Russian media. The Prosecutor General and his deputies will be able to assign this status in agreement with the Foreign Ministry. An Internet resource that lifted restrictions against Russian media will have to inform Roskomnadzor about this, after which the Prosecutor General, in agreement with the Foreign Ministry, cancels the decision on the measures.

It is worth emphasizing that no one is pursuing the goal of destroying Google in Russia, on the contrary, corporations are given a chance. You just need to see your window of opportunity. Alexander Khinshtein, chairman of the State Duma committee on information policy, information technology and communications, spoke about this, in particular, one of the developers of the law:

“The draft law is not about blocking websites, but about countering Internet censorship. Blocking websites is only one of the ways Russia and Roskomnadzor can react to acts of Internet censorship and other unfriendly actions.”

Other tools to influence Google and other IT corporations include slowing down traffic in Russia or, for example, imposing an administrative penalty.

Olga Sergeeva

Photo: © Michael Weber

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