Jan 11, 2021
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In the US, thought about an alliance with Russia to confront China

In the US, thought about an alliance with Russia to confront China

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The United States can work with the UK to create an alliance with Russia to counter the emerging EU-China alliance. This scenario is being seriously discussed in the pages of the American press today. Despite the seeming surrealism of the idea, some of the arguments of the supporters of the new architecture of the world look quite convincing.

The authoritative edition of The Hill has an interesting article by a former US Navy officer and now a political analyst James Durso… In it, he offered his readers a very original view of the current international situation. The starting point of the discussion is the recently reached agreement between the European Union and China to sign an investment deal.

According to the draft agreement, China should open up the market for European manufacturers, be more attentive to other people’s intellectual property and take measures to respect the rights of employees in enterprises. The agreement is most beneficial for German automakers, as it will increase investment in the steadily growing Chinese market without facing protectionist restrictions. Such as compulsory joint ventures, where local companies own the majority of shares and can gain access to trade secrets.

The deal is also beneficial for European companies specializing in energy, healthcare and IT. Against this background, the voices of politicians who continue to shout about the “unethical” agreement due to the alleged violation of human rights in China are less and less heard. However, attention is drawn to the fact that the fateful decision was made on the very eve of the New Year, when the victory Joseph Biden in the US elections became apparent. That is, earlier the deal with China could have been the response of the administration Donald Trump, which actually declared a “trade war” to the European Union. However, Biden promised to restore relations with the EU and called for joint action against China. And most importantly, European leaders have expressed their readiness to be shoulder to shoulder with the Americans in their global confrontation.

As James Durso points out, the best scenario would, of course, be a US-EU alliance against Russia and China. However, according to the author, one must recognize reality and act on the basis of it. In fact, we see, he argues, the established alliance between Europe and the Middle Kingdom. This means that America needs to think about new geopolitical structures.

An alliance with Russia could be a good way out for Washington. There are several reasons for this. First, Russia feels like a “little brother” in relations with China. And this is a humiliating role for her. Being a member of the “triple alliance” with the US and Great Britain is much more prestigious for Moscow.

Secondly, don’t forget about history. As Durso notes, the memory of the Second World War is strong in Russia. But in it Moscow, London and Washington were allies. You can use your historical memory to build a new union.

On my own I would add that a significant part of the Russian elite traditionally gravitates towards the West culturally. Close relations with China are perceived by many compatriots as forced and temporary. They would consider a return to the “bosom of the civilized world” the best strategic course.

Director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise Valery Korovin warns that the hypothetical alliance of Russia with the United States and Great Britain will inevitably result in large losses for our country:

– The proposal looks more like a provocation, which completely contradicts geopolitical logic. And, first of all, the United States adheres to this logic. And Great Britain, which handed the baton to the United States as the main maritime neo-colonial power after World War II.

Any alliance between Russia and the West, even if we talk about Central Europe, not Great Britain, is unnatural. Moreover, an alliance with the United States. This is always a geopolitical incident that turns into Russia’s defeat. Simply because Russia plays by the rules and the Americans never stick to them.

It is better to stay away from the United States, even the UK itself and the members of the European Union. So the proposal is essentially absurd. Or provokes Moscow to completely surrender its positions. We already went through this in the 1990s, when Russia almost stood on the brink of the collapse of statehood.

“SP”: – Nevertheless, we see that very specific structures are being built, such as the partnership between the European Union and China

– The union of the EU and China is quite logical. The European Union has long been burdened by allied relations with the United States. The fact is that, in addition to financial relations, Americans carry with them their own way of thinking, make them obey their geopolitical will, cultural code, and their civilizational domination. This is humiliating for Europe, as the source of Western civilization itself.

At the same time, China has never imposed its own way of life, let alone its way of thinking. China has always limited cooperation to the economic sphere. And from this point of view, China is a suitable partner, since the economic power of the PRC and the EU is approximately the same. Europe is not in danger of “sucking” resources, as it always happens when the weak and strong players interact. The EU is not in danger. You can only do business and not have anything personal.

“SP”: – In the US they say that in relations with China, Russia occupies the position of a “little brother.” And this is an unenviable role

– Economically, perhaps, Russia has become the “younger brother” of the PRC. But in cooperation with the United States, the Russian Federation is always prepared only for the role of a lackey, but not a brother. At the same time, geopolitically, Russia has a greater subjectivity as the center of Eurasia than China. So here we can act on equal terms.

Of course, Russia needs to think about its economic interests when interacting with China. But this country is preferred over the US and UK.

SP: – A significant part of the Russian elite mentally gravitates towards the West. Can this factor become influencing?

– The factor really exists. But in history, the pro-Western sentiments of the elite have always led to defeat. Therefore, it is necessary to “cleanse” the Russian elite of pro-Western elements. The best thing would be to send them to the West, where their families live, where their soul is. This will seriously improve the situation inside Russia and stop the self-destructive throwing in which Russia continues to be.

Yeltsin is long gone, but pro-Western sentiments remain. And we will always lag behind while moving in the wake of Western policy, and not building our own.

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