Oct 16, 2020
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In the US, they talked about the video and correspondence compromising the son of Biden

The lawyer of the personal attorney of the President of the United States, Robert Costello, said that he had a copy of the hard drive from the laptop of Joe Biden's son Hunter with incriminating materials, Fox News reports.

According to Costello, the device contains tens of thousands of emails and text messages, as well as photographs and videos of a sexual nature with Hunter Biden, where he is captured in "highly compromising positions."

The lawyer notes that among the documents there is also an e-mail for May 2014. In it, the son of a former US vice president introduces his father to a Ukrainian businessman and consultant to the oil and gas firm Burisma.

This happened a year before Biden demanded that Kiev dismiss Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who had plans to investigate the company's activities.

In one of the messages that Vadim Pozharsky, a consultant to the Burisma board of directors, allegedly sent to Hunter Biden, the employee's meeting with Biden Sr. is also mentioned. These reports refute the former vice president's words that he did not discuss foreign business transactions with his son.

After the publication of the correspondence of Biden's son, US President Donald Trump again accused the Democratic candidate of corruption. The American leader made the corresponding statement on Thursday in an interview with Fox Business TV channel.

“Joe Biden is an absolutely corrupt politician. He has been like that all his life, "said Trump.

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