Sep 4, 2022
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In the United States began to discuss the option of a coup led by Biden

US President Joe Biden delivered an address to the nation in Philadelphia. The speech about defending democracy was marked by direct accusations against Donald Trump – it was said that the Republican Party is undoubtedly “the main threat to the development of a free America.” Biden was so carried away by his speech that he called Trump and his supporters extremists and “semi-fascists.”

Why the 46th President of the United States is increasingly turning to militant rhetoric and what he fears the most – let’s deal with an expert.

World media vying with each other write about Biden’s speech. The reason lay on the surface – the current head of America, an ardent supporter of everything democratic, called the Republicans extremists. Trump got it too. Based on Biden’s speech, the Republican Party is under Trump’s “dominance, control and intimidation”.

The President also noted that American democracy is in serious danger due to Republican forces loyal to Donald Trump, who are “fanning the flames” of political violence in the pursuit of power at any cost.

“Donald Trump and Republicans MAGA (Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”) represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” Biden argued.

However, he stressed that not everyone is “MAGA-extremist”, he refers to them those who sympathize with Trump and are under his influence.

According to the president, these Trump Republicans “thrive on chaos” and “do not respect the constitution or the rule of law” while promoting “authoritarian leaders and fanning the flames of political violence.”

“You can’t love your country when only you win,” Biden said to thunderous applause from the Democratic audience, clearly making it clear to whom this statement was directed.

Biden also lashed out at Republicans for ramping up aggressive political rhetoric, including attacks on federal agents following the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

It is clear that the reason for such harsh statements was the approaching mid-term elections to the US Senate, which will be held on November 8. Do not forget that such desperate steps by Biden are also associated with the future presidential elections in 2024, which Trump is also thinking about participating in.

However, the fear of the incumbent president to lose his positions and ultimately lose all possible elections, letting his competitors into power, began to be felt. The split in America is happening. This is felt not only at the level of loud speeches, but also in the quieter statements of representatives of competing parties.

For example, Ronna McDaniel, chairman of the Republican National Committee, called Biden a “master splitter” who “pitted neighbors against each other” with his destructive agenda.

And White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said it was clear that “Biden hit a nerve” with Republicans and made them feel uncomfortable with his urging Americans to reject Trumpism.

“America next week enters the official decisive stage, which will begin on the first Tuesday of September, of the election campaign for elections to the US Congress,” comments Vladimir Vasiliev, chief researcher at the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. – Naturally, today the Republicans came to these elections with forecasts that their victory is guaranteed. Apparently, they will win the House of Representatives with one or another majority, and maybe even the Senate. In fact, if this happens, two things may arise.

First of all, the Biden administration automatically becomes a “lame duck” and it will no longer be possible to talk in any way about holding any serious legislative initiatives, up to the presidential election in 2024.

Actually, the paralysis in the activities of the administration may also result in the fact that the Republicans are already saying that they will begin the process of Biden’s impeachment and in the future the activities of the 118th Congress will be devoted to this or even turn into a complete defeat of the administration.

In this regard, the main reason is the foreign and domestic political failure, the sharp deterioration of the American economy. After all, the economy is the barometer that in modern conditions determines the attitude of Americans towards any administrations. In particular, when the elections fell on a year of economic crises and upheavals, the party in power during this period was guaranteed defeat in the midterm and presidential elections.

Democrats are frantically looking for every opportunity to come up with a certain kind of agenda. This is done in order to change this situation and influence the elections a little. That is, to reduce the number of losses, and perhaps even maintain the status quo, since today it is rather shaky. Democrats have only 3-4 majority votes in the House of Representatives, the Senate is divided in half. In principle, the democrats can keep this small margin of advantage under a very favorable set of circumstances.

But today they have practically no agenda. Everything that the administration did for two years ended in complete failure (immigration reform, the fight against crime, attempts to carry out some other reforms, including environmental protection, and the economic stimulus program generally turned into, apparently, a recession). In general, there is nothing to report.

Under these conditions, the administration embarked on the path of adventure. This path is to effectively make the 2022 midterm elections a rerun of the 2020 presidential election. Today we are not talking about the current situation, but about the fate of the American nation, the constitution.

There is reason to believe, and this is the most important thing, that even if the Republicans establish complete control over the House of Representatives, over the Senate, it will be the Trumpists who will set the tone. That is, Trumpism is coming. I would even say Trumpism, which is already taking root, because Donald Trump has been wasting no time for two years, working with voters and politicians of the Republican Party.

In this regard, the stakes are raised. In essence, there is a tendency to put aside all current issues that concern ordinary voters and say that it is really about the fate of America, “all current troubles are transient, but we can lose the country and American democracy.”

This is where the demonization of the Republican Party comes into play. And this is not the first time Biden has called them “semi-fascists”, in the White House his press secretary already directly calls it “fascism”. This generally polarizes the American situation, which is becoming very unpredictable.

The fact is that with the same slogans that “the Democrats and Biden pose a threat to US national security, they are ruining America,” Trump himself spoke. He waged a “culturological war” against the Democrats.

The Democrats rejected these slogans, believing that the American political process is a pendulum one, that after some time it will filter out the extremists. Today it became clear that this is not happening. And since this does not happen, the Democrats fell for it and took the same position as the Republicans, only in the opposite direction. They adopted this challenge of a war of values. In fact, the situation of “cultural warfare” will determine the final phase of the campaign. And this further splits American society and, in fact, destroys the fundamental institutions of the American political democratic system.

The winner of these elections, perhaps, will receive a certain kind of right to actually crack down on opponents according to the laws of war. Polarization can create very serious problems: mass demonstrations, acts of violence and much more. This campaign will be completely unpredictable in this regard. Maybe not even without political sacrifices. America knows this too.

But there is a second component. Since Trump at one time did not recognize the results of the 2020 presidential election, it is possible that the same scenario is being played out today by the Democrats. If the Republicans win in November, then it will be possible to declare that the “fascists” have won. And if the “fascists” win or gain the upper hand, then the scenario of canceling the election results can be played out in America. The introduction of some kind of state of emergency, the creation of the American GKChP. This is such a second option.

All this may be the most important thing that I see in Biden’s speech. It has been talked about for a long time, it was said on the fringes of American political discourse, debates, that the elections could be declared invalid. But since all the levers of executive power are concentrated in the hands of the Democrats, moreover, the powers of the 117th Congress will soon expire, I do not exclude a sharp unpredictable development of American events.

This is what is called a “Chinese draw”, that is, not to recognize the results of the elections (what kind of results are there if the “fascists” won) and then turn the political chessboard over and introduce some other rules. In any case, we cannot exclude the development of this scenario for the next few months or until the end of the year in the United States.

In relation to Biden personally and his administration, indeed, the situation is now “make or break”. He himself also understands that further impeachment, criminal prosecution (especially since he himself launched a similar mechanism against Trump). This is what caused the situation that turns these elections into fateful ones. And they can really change the mechanism or algorithm of the functioning of the American political system.

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