Jun 30, 2021
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"In the summer it is tough, in the winter it is flattering": The Chinese pointed to the double standards of German politicians

Readers of the Chinese newspaper “Guancha” pointed to the double standards of German politicians who “wave their fists” in the direction of Russia, blackmailing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Earlier, representatives of some German parties, such as the Christian Democratic Union, Union 90 / Greens, announced that if the project was used against Ukraine, the gas pipeline would be stopped.

Chinese readers immediately asked the question: why did Germany take an active part in this project, if so wants to “defend Ukraine”? Commentators recalled that “winter is just around the corner” and it is not worth putting “a stick in your own wheels.”

“In the summer he speaks harshly, in the winter he flatters. The essence of German policy,” the readers note.

They also wrote in the comments that “Germany’s self-sacrifice” will not save Ukraine.

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